Wedding Bells on a Sunny June – The perfect Bride Wedding bells

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Wedding Bells on a Sunny June: Few days from now is a month known to be one of the best months for celebrating weddings – June. There is no doubt that June is the most chosen month for weddings as the weather is very favorable. It is early summer of which it is not too hot nor too cold. It may not be a problem for the bridal team nor the guests to find their most suitable attires for the wedding too. With the known weather, wedding guest dresses and other dresses will be easily finalized. For example, instead of satin which may be too hot, you may opt to choosing chiffon dresses which would be too light and may absorb sweat.

In addition, outdoor venues will also be a very great location during this time. With outdoor venues, there will be instant decors already. Let us say for example, beach weddings, forest weddings and garden weddings. With beach weddings, the blue ocean along with the blue skies will serve as a natural adornment. Adding to the mentioned, will be the white sand. If you are a nature lover, forest wedding is also a superlative place for weddings. With all the green trees, the flowers along the pathway and the colorful butterflies creates a very momentous day for everyone. Moreover, garden weddings would be a lovely venue too. If you have a wide backyard with lovely flowers then this could be an option too.

perfect Bride Wedding bells

” With the above insights, it is no doubt that June is the most preferred month for weddings.

Bridal shoes | Wedding shoes | Bridal Hats | Outdoor wedding, wearing heels “

Meanwhile, there are some important things you may need to keep in mind if it will be an outdoor wedding. Whether you are the bride, part of the bridal team or just a guest, it would be best to prepare the following:

  1. Bridal shoes/wedding shoes – For an outdoor wedding, wearing heels may not be applicable, hence it is best to prepare flat bridal shoes or wedding shoes. It is not just for comfort but it is also for your safety.
  2. Hats – Considering it will be the start of summer, it is expected that the sun is up hence you may need to bring hats that would complement your attires.
  3. SPF Lotions – You might be someone who is so conscious about your skin hence don’t forget your lotion. Meanwhile if you are not that lazy to bring a stylish umbrella, then it can also be an option to prevent getting sunburns.

perfect Bride Wedding bells

There may be a lot more meanwhile the above would be some of the priorities which would be helpful when it comes to being conscious about comfort, safety and skin issues.

Moreover, with the fine weather and the chosen location for the wedding, whether part of the bridal team or just a wedding guest, it may not be that hard to finalize the color of the attire. For a church wedding, it may be that the bride will have a wedding motif that everyone may follow meanwhile if it happens to be an outdoor wedding, then colors for wedding guest dresses can be based on the location of the wedding. For instance, any light colors can be worn for beach weddings. Hats such as wide brimmed beach hats or fascinator can be worn which will serve as both headpiece or shade. Nature colored attires can also be worn by wedding guests if the wedding is being held in the forest.

It may not only be the weather why a couple chooses June for their wedding. This month is also a month when a lot of flowers have already bloomed hence there are a lot of lovely options to choose from such orchids, dahlias, daisies, sunflowers and many more.

With the above insights, it is no doubt that June is the most preferred month for weddings.

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