Weather to get warmer very soon

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Dry weather is likely to prevail in Telangana and other parts of the city in next few days as per the reports from the Weather Report.In a bulletin here, Real Time weather updates it said during the last 24 hours, as per the observations recorded, cold wave conditions still to continue in some parts of the city in Telangana.

The lowest minimum temperature is recorded in Hyderabad of Telangana respectively, while 12 deg cel was recorded.This tool provides high-resolution weather simulations and different weather forecast .

The night time temperature in Hyderabad also recorded very low temperature on February 1 – the coldest in six years in fact. It may increase night temperatures.Real Time weather updates As per Research cold winds from easterly and northeasterly regions over Telangana. Hyderabad shivered at 12.8 C on February 1, this would continue for some more weeks.

Since there are no rains in the region there has been constantly witnessing dry and warm weather condition for past two months.The maximum temperatures have been settling few notches beyond the normal. While the minimum temperatures across most parts of the state are ranging three to four degrees below the normal levels.

The city of Hyderabad has remained to be cold in nights , Today’s weather and warm and hot in the daytime.As the per the weather and it always in the same stage that, during this time of the year, the Hyderabad remains warm and the city preferably gets a monthly rainfall of 9.2 mm. Currently, With this, the temperature of Hyderabad remains little warm.Moreover, the minimum temperature recorded by Hyderabad today settled below normal by 2 degrees at 15C. Meanwhile, the night temperatures also dropped by 5 degrees and stood at 12.2C.

Weather for the next few day is expected to rise marginally with maximum and minimum temperatures. This would be due to the commencement of warm and moist winds that would prevail during the long days as the upper atmosphere is warming.Today’s weather The day temperature would settle warm in morning,while the minimum temperatures may remain in the range of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.Thereafter, the maximums and minimums may witness a slight drop. The sky would remain partly cloudy.

We may have little showers Weather in Hyderabad in next few days as per the report.The rain will push southwards through the night into Wednesday, with showers behind There will be a cold northwesterly wind, giving a chilly feel.The weather for the next few days, At first we will hold on to the mix of bands of rain, sunshine, and showers, which could be wintry at times.Later in the week, the weather conditions could be cold with few snow showers in the east.Weather as per the midweek of this month till the end of the month remains Wetter and milder weather returning with a good deal of dry Weather in Hyderabad.

We look set to see a return of wet weather from the west, bringing some wet weather but also milder conditions. It won’t be very cold though.

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