We Invite you to Join us to Build First Private Rocket In India

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This is probably one of the most important projects. Our team is set to build a nano satellite launcher, that will open up the space to all.

We are designing regeneratively cooled 3d printed expander cycle liquid oxygen/kerosene rocket engine( E1 ) that will power the First stage nanosatellite launcher.

We’re starting with the core technology: a propulsion system that consists of a rocket engine and fuel and oxidizer pumps.  All the money will go to iterate on the design of an engine and a Electric pump until we achieve: reliable ignition required thrust, required specific impulse and that pump produces adequate power to pump fuel and oxidizer into a combustion chamber.

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We are moving extremely fast: We hope to have a propulsion system ready by End-2017 and launch a rocket by the MID of 2018. We’ll dedicate 2018 to that and hope to send first nanosats to orbit by the end of next year.

The VOLT E1 engine is a bigger, better. The VOLT E1 will be placed into the rocket body and launched in June


Above are the design specifications for the VOLT 1 Rocket Body. We believe that with this design we can achieve an Low earth orbit

These are our earlier prototypes that we developed on our way to a successful engine:

Generation 1: 3D printed Polycarbonate rocket engine

A better design that produced first thrust, but our chamber was so small, that fuel didn’t have time to burn fully in the chamber.

If we reach our goal, the first thing we going to do is Rent lathe machine and Build Rocket Engine Nozzle, Pumps, and other engine Parts

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Nov 2017: We expect to start engine tests .

Dec 2017: We expect to integrate an engine with pumps and continue tests .

April 2018: We expect to complete the rest of the rocket and start ground tests .

June 2018: We expect to launch our rocket. Schedule slips are possible, however, if everything works well, we may do our first launch even earlier around May 2018.

Risks and challenges

There are multitude of risks. The main is that we’ll keep iterate design and run out of money. Rockets are flammable, so we have to be careful at each step. But, judging from our performance, performance of our engines and our safety record, we’re quite optimistic that we’ll mitigate all risks and overcome all challenges.

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