“We Are Alive,” says Sunny Leone After She Survives A Plane Crash With Her Husband Daniel Weber

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Sunny Leone is all well and alive, if you are wondering why we are declaring this today, it’s because she just survived an almost plane crash. The Laila of Bollywood shared the darned incident on her Twitter account and the clips that she shared are enough to send chills through our spine. Sunny was traveling with her team in her private plane when her airplane stuck in bad weather in the remote areas of Maharashtra.

Sunny talked about the incident through some videos and tweets. Her plane was crossing over Maharashtra when the bad weather struck the plane but luckily they were escorted by an expert pilot who averted the tragedy.

She was traveling with a group including her husband Daniel Weber. Sunny has shared a video on Twitter filmed while returning back to home after the incident. She can be seen cheering up the people around her and as she pans the camera over her husband who looks completely shaken, all e could hear is “We are alive.”

Sunny tweet reads, “The reason I’m acting so happy cause everyone else is all freaked out! Gotta cheer them up 🙂 Thank the Lord we are all alive! Our private plane almost crashed through bad weather. Counting our stars and driving home! Thank you, God! Have to thank the pilots 4doing such an amazing job getting us through&alive. But You know it’s bad when the pilot starts praying mid air! Our pilots were so amazing. Our lives were in their hands and they saved us!”

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