WB New Traffic Rule: No Helmet, No Fuel

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WB New Traffic Rule

In an attemptto make road journey safer in metro cities, West Bengal Chief Minister started a new campaign under new traffic rules. The drive comes from the extensive measure to make publicresponsible enough towards road safety. The rules stateas NO HELMET, NO FUEL concept.

Such unique campaign initiated by Honourable CM will help all the commuters to understand the importance of wearing a helmet during rides. The individual measures have been taken to make the roads of Kolkata safer and easierfor bikers, especially those carrying his/her family.

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The new set of rules has not only “wear a helmet” rule but also strict policies for roguebikers who often encourage for bike racing. At present, there is 85 lakhs public who use Bikes as theirdaily commuting out of which mere 35% of them follow safety measures and obey traffic rules. The number of accidents or on-the-spot death is also very high, but still, people move around like ignorants. Therefore to kerb the problem Mamata Banerjee came up with a particular set of rules, here on Saturday.

According to Additional Commissionerof Kolata Police (II), Vineet Goyal in the presence of WB Honourable CM Mamata Banerjee,“People often ignore safety regulations, thus causing road accidents. There must be a crackdown on rogue bikers. This is an emerging trend when a traffic serjeant stops a biker for traffic law violation; they get violent with the serjeants. The serjeants are on duty from morning to night in rain, sun and harsh climatic conditions. What kind of behaviour is this? Lawlessness cannot be tolerated, and we will not allow this.

List of New Traffic Rules of West Bengal

  1. Eradication of racing by rogue bikers.
  2. A group of bikers are prohibited fromentering AJC Bose Road, Park Street and Maa Flyovers during 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  3. Biker with no helmet won’t be eligible of fuel at any petrol pump all over the city.
  4. Biking in groups has been banned in any flyover so as to prevent bike racing.
  5. More than two Bikes carrying family will be allowed in flyover.
  6. Bikes taking family ought to wear ahelmet. The rules are for each one of them including infant, child, passenger.
  7. If a person is caught riding a bike without a helmet, even with his family, tend to get punished under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 under Section 177 & 180 IPC.

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