Water Pumps Uses and Its Functions

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Water Pumps Uses and Its Functions: Water Pump is a device which is used to transfer, raise or compress water via pressurizing process. The water drawn with the help of a water pump is used for human consumption or in commercials. The water can be used to supply water storage tanks or taken up a hill to use for irrigation and multiple other purposes.

When Water pumps are used in IC engines, they drive heated coolants to the radiator to cool down the engine.  The cycle continues to keep the temperature under control and improve the efficiency of engine wear. If needed, Water Pressure Booster Pump is used to increase the pressure running in the pipes.

Water Pressure Booster Pump
Water Pressure Booster Pump

Uses of Water Pumps

The water pumps are quite essential in our daily life. They serve as the main source of water in industries. You can use them for a variety of agricultural jobs and, also provide water to households and commercials.  Compared to Urban areas, they are more used in rural areas. Here water pumps are mainly used for agricultural tasks.

Some of the uses of water pumps are as follows:

#1. Integrate With Heating Systems

It may surprise you but it is true that maximum heating systems in the world make use of water pumps.  Many engine radiators use water pumps to keep hot water in motion through pipes to achieve optimum temperature. At some places where the atmosphere remains cool, the circulated water can be served to people via taps.

#2. To supply water to households

At many places in the world, there are not too many resources of fresh water. The water drawn via water pumps is stored in large tanks and then used to circulate around your home’s pipes. Water reaches our house via a complex system of pipes.  The water pumps in use keep water moving and ensure it reaches your tap the moment you need it.

#3. Gardening  

The water drawn via water pumps can be used for gardening and irrigation of fields. You can integrate water pumps with sprinklers and other traditional irrigation devices and irrigate your gardens and fields at the right pressure.

#4. Drain Water Even From Shallow Flooded Areas

A water pump can drain water even from shallow flooded areas. You can use them to drain or fill swimming pool and ponds. In the urban areas, the water pumps can be used to supply water at construction sites.  We can say it has an enormous number of uses that can’t be count on fingers

How Water Pumps Functions To Drive Water?

Water pumps are of two types, one is powered by a belt and other by electricity.

#1. lectric Water Pumps

The water pumps which work on electricity utilize electric power to drive the pump. The motor pump is connected to an electric. The electricity sets the motor into motion. The pumps pull coolant out through inlet value. If the motor fails to operate even after connected to the power supply, you should check the power supply. If the power supply is ok, then take help of a mechanic to repair the motor.

To ensure cooling system releases heat generated by engine effectively, the coolant has to circulate. The water pump will drive coolant. If we will say in nutshell, the circulation of coolant should regulate the temperature of the engine and avoid overheating of the system.

#2. Belt Driven Water Pumps

Water pumps driven mechanically are connected either with a v-ribbed belt or toothed belt drive.

The transmission ratio between water pump impeller and crankshaft drive and water pump impeller results in fixed links between the speed of the engine and of the later.  While as it is not so in the case of water pumps running on electricity which run independently of the speed of the engine.

These days belt driven water pumps are being used increasingly in modern cars to prevent overheating of engines.  However, its utilization in vehicles will depend on the concept of the engine.


In terms of efficiency, the electricity run motors are considered better than the motors which are driven mechanically. In the case of electric motors, the optimum temperature is reached more quickly. One more benefit of using electric motors is that they reduce fuel consumption.

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