Watch Dogs 3: What is the Future of the Watch Dogs Franchise?

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Watch Dogs 3: The original Watch Dogs was Ubisoft’s first standalone IP to come out in a while, and it brought to us a new kind of story. Gamers have a wide horizon of stories to explore ahead of them, but leading a hacker’s life and avenging his losses was something that was not to be missed. Its experimental flavour also ensured the gain of a cult status even though it was panned by a number of critics. But now that the game has gone on to become a franchise, Ubisoft is willing to explore more.

The idea was to establish a new successful gaming franchise, as Ubisoft had announced before the sequel came out. And it appears that the devs are on the way to achieving just that. While the 2014 game was a pretty serious affair, Watch Dogs 2 introduced a new, more likeable protagonist and pitched him in the middle of the picturesque San Francisco Bay Area. The milieu and the humour were enough to make the game much more attractive than its predecessor, but even then it fell disappointingly short on the technical front. But Watch Dogs 2 is only a couple of months old at this point, so perhaps it will improve with time. But how that will reflect on the weak sales stats remains to be seen. Which is what brings us to the topic of Watch Dogs 3.

Watch Dogs 3 has not been announced by Ubisoft, and nor do we expect to hear about it anytime soon. But it could happen eventually, especially as further exploring the possibilities with a hacker-themed story could do immense things for the series. Also the fact that Ubisoft wants to turn it into a long-running franchise is pretty promising. Whenever the creators decide to launch it, however, we certainly hope to see some much-needed improvements. While we want the flavour of Watch Dogs 2 to be retained, we wish to see more thoughtful mechanics coupled with a new beautiful location and new ways to gain control over everything techy! And no more confusing deluge of information on the screen please- they’re very distracting.

Coming to when we can expect to see Watch Dogs 3, we can’t tell for certain. Even if the game goes into development by the end of 2017, we don’t think it will come out before 2019. As for the platforms, it could be launched on the next generation consoles alongside the current ones. Honestly, the possibilities are endless with Watch Dogs 3. You can read more about our speculations regarding the possible title here.

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