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If you are a softie for romance, then ZEE5’s Broken But Beautiful is the perfect web series for you. It has all the ingredients that make a perfect love story – pining, rejection, despair, acceptance all captured beautifully with soft music and brilliant cinematography.

The story revolves around Veer, played by Vikrant Massey and Sameera, played by Harleen Sethi, the two ex-lovers who have shared a short yet intensely romantic relationship but are now trying to unsuccessfully move on with their lives. Fate tends to bring them together as their paths keep crossing with each other.

On one hand, Sameera re-connects with her childhood friend Ahan and watches their sweet friendship inevitably blossom into an unlikely romance. On the other hand, Veer starts dating Debbie who initially helps him produce high-end wine from his vineyard. Despite their best efforts to break away from their mutual past, both Veer and Sameera find that their past always catches up to them eventually in one way or another.

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Watching the two star-crossed ex-lovers trying hard to forget their past and move on with their lives is immensely intriguing with the amazing performances and depth of character displayed by the young actors. Initially, their performance revolves around the small but significant instances that make them realize that moving on after sharing such a wonderful relationship is not only difficult but seems almost impossible at times. The frequent twists in the plot of the web series rank it a notch above your run of the mill romance stories.

The stellar cast excellently showcases the efforts we put inadvertently into a new relationship, from undulating attention to the partner to purposefully avoiding conflicts at all costs and eventually to the self-denial phase that ex-lovers commonly experience. The storyline and performance is extremely relatable for anyone who has ever been in a tumultuous romantic relationship and reminds them of their own love story.

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Despite being a romantic story, which has already been covered in thousands of other plays, dramas, movies, and TV series, it is the impressive performance by the lead actors, Vikrant and Harleen who make even the most predictable and mundane plot in the world seem truly genuine and leave a lasting impression. Both leads bring the required gravity and aloofness often seen in two ex-lovers who are trying their best to remain normal despite meeting more often than they imagined after their breakup.

Gaurav Arora who plays Ahaan (Sameera’s childhood friend) portrays excellently the kind of guy who is trying desperately to make his childhood best friend realize that they were meant for each other. In addition, the performance of Jitin Gulati who plays Kartik in this web series is often paired with Sameera’s BFF Pooja who also brings the often-required comic relief in such serious love stories.

Broken But Beautiful is highly recommended for those who have lost in love and for those who are born romantics. The mesmerizing music and scintillating cinematography are just worth watching for everyone else.

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