Wanna Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy?? Try This App

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Hey! You might have never heard of this kind of smart use of any smartphone app. Till now, we dependon various birth control pills and measures like using condoms and all to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Butnow keeping pregnancy at bay has gone very easy with this new smartphone app. An app!! Really??

Yes, it is heard very awkward, but the realitydoes not fade up if we don’t believe it. It’s very interestingif you know the way it helps us to skip unplanned pregnancy.


Avoid Pregnancy With the help of this app

Here is the smart way how it works. It works on a cyclic process where you need to put data of your menstrual cycle for first few days and then it will automatically calculate and will keep alerting you of the upcoming day is secure to have sex or not. It is claimed that the app is 80-90% accurate if you use it correctly.

The name of the app: The name of this fertility tracking app is “Dot”. This app is available in both Android store and Apple store since 2015. But the use of this app is surging up by the end of the last year when a detailed report on this app was published in some health and fitness magazines online.

How Effective this app “Dot” is in Skipping Unplanned Pregnancy

Let us give you a clear idea how this app has been famous after some scientific experiments. 1200 women were selected from six different geographically and culturally diverse areas. It kept calculating the risk of pregnancy on a daily basis.

The age of the women varied from 20 to 40 to make this experiment more effective. To our knowledge, this is may be the first prospective diversified experimental study on the effectiveness of a fertility app!

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