Wah Taj (2016) Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Box Office Collection and Audience Response

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Wah Taj (2016)

Wah Taj:Ajit Sinha directed Bollywood drama film Wah Taj starring Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis has finally hit the silver screens today. Produced under the banner of Pun Films Pvt Ltd the storyline of Wah Taj revolves around the hardships, agonies and struggle dealt by the farmers of our country. It also highlights the fraudulent means and practices applied by the government to make one’s life more pathetic. India is already dealing with a lot of issues regarding the farmers. Almost every day a farmer commits suicide due to financial issues. However, Wah Taj has tried its utmost to deliver the saddening circumstances which surround the life of a farmer. So, we at Fab Newz have provided with an idea about the movie review, cast, crew, box office collection and audience response of the movie Wah Taj (2016) for our readers.

Wah Taj (2106) Star Cast

  • Shreyas Talpade
  • Manjari Fadnis
  • Hemant Pandey
  • Rajesh Sharma
  • Rajeev Verma
  • Yusuf Hussain
  • Govind Pandey
  • Prachee Pathak

Wah Taj (2016) Movie Review & Rating

Ajit Sinha’s Hindi drama film Wah Taj revolves around the character of Tukaram Raosaheb Marathe (played by Shreyas Talpade) who lands on Taj Mahal one day and claims that it is built on the land which belongs to his ancestors and wants the land back to start farming on it. Such demand by Tukaram triggers several mind games and dirty, cold wars among politicians and the cops. The storyline might sound intriguing, but somewhere it couldn’t come up with a perfect depiction of the entire scenario. Shreyas Talpade has quite a lot of fan following and has delivered his terrific acting prowess in the movie Iqbal. However, he could not deliver the same amount of intensity through his acting skills in Wah Taj and failed to bring in the subject of satire comedy in the movie. Even Manjari Phadnis was nothing extraordinary in the film.

Nevertheless, Wah Taj tried its utmost to make the viewers intrigued towards the movie in the initial parts but failed to continue with the same intensity in the later parts. The characters could not stand out in their own rights as equal importance was not given to any of them. Therefore, Wah Taj could not interest the viewers with its poor portrayal of each and every role. Ajit Sinha wanted to depict a serious issue with some addition of laughter and amusement to it but wasn’t successful in establishing the scenes with such portrayal.

Wah Taj (2016) Movie Rating

Direction- 3

Acting- 2.5

Editing- 2.5

Plot- 2

Music- 1.5

Wah Taj (2016) Audience Response

Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis starrer Wah Taj has received mixed responses from the viewers. However, most of them have given negative reviews regarding the Bollywood drama film. With the urge of depicting a serious issue in a humorous way didn’t do all the wonders for most of the viewers. Nevertheless, some found it worth it and enjoyed watching the characters essaying the scenario. According to the viewers, Shreyas has delivered better acting in his previous movie and could not stand out in Wah Taj. The character essayed by Manjari Fadnis could not make the viewers intrigued towards the film as well.

It is also said that the director Ajit Sinha could not establish the characters to bring in the feel of realness. Nevertheless, a part in the movie such as the courtroom argument which takes place between the lawyers was successful enough to tickle the bones of the viewers. The storyline of Wah Taj might have sounded interesting but according to most of the moviegoers, it could not keep up the viewers’ expectations.

Wah Taj (2016) 1st day total box office collection

Wah Taj has hit the multiplexes, as well as the single screens and its first-day business at the worldwide box office, has fetched quite a number of viewers to hit the theatres. As the storyline of the film revolves around the struggles of a farmer, initially it created a buzz that the movie might be interesting. Therefore, Ajit Sinha’s Wah Taj with a budget of almost Rs. 6 Crores has acquired an amount of Rs. 2.3 Crores at the domestic box office on its first day of release.

With a worldwide screen space of almost 800 Wah Taj is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 1.20 Crores approximately. Most of the overseas audiences might not be interested to witness Wah Taj as the storyline of it might not be appealing to them.

Nevertheless, Wah Taj has settled down to an amount of Rs. 3.5 approximately at the worldwide box office on its first day of release.

Wah Taj (2016) final verdict

Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis starrer Wah Taj has fetched mixed reviews from people but mostly negative. However, as per the production cost of the film the makers of the movie are expecting to collect an earning at the worldwide box office which would surpass the budget of the film.

Update:Ajit Sinha’s Wah Taj had hit the silver screens yesterday and acquired an average amount at the worldwide box office on its first day of release. The filmmakers of Wah Taj has received mixed reviews after witnessing the film. According to few moviegoers, the film was quite entertaining as the direction did proper justice to the storyline, while some found it extremely boring as it kept them disinterested towards the movie throughout. However, Wah Taj acquired an amount of almost Rs. 1.78 Crores at the domestic box office on its second day of release, and has settled down to an amount of Rs. 1 Crore at the overseas box office on the film’s second day of release. Therefore, Wah Taj has settled down to an amount of Rs. 2.78 Crores on its second day of release at the worldwide box office.

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