Vikings season 4 Episode 18: Ragnar’s Sons to Attack King Aelle

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Vikings season 4 Episode 18:The sensational television series has reached the fourth successful season and is awaiting the 18th episode. “Vikings” season 4 episode 18th titled “Revenge” doesn’t have much written in the official synopsis about it, and it hasn’t released any lengthy teaser also. But as they say, the fans are so curious, and they have managed to take out the gist of the 10-second teaser and two-line synopsis that have given enough hint about the 18th episode of the series.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 18
Vikings Season 4

If we decode the promo, then we can say it shows that the Great Heathen Army as described in the written history has been formed which is in action against King Aelle (Ivan Kaye). “This will be the largest army we have ever sent out,” says Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in the promo. In “Vikings” season 4 episode 18 the viewers will be seen Ragnar’s sons Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), Ivar (Alex Hgh Andersen), Sigurd (David Lindstrm) and Hvitserk (Marco Ils) will all be seen battling it out to avenge their father’s death. There is no doubt the episode is going to witness a lot of bloodsheds. It seems like Ivar-The Boneless will be the most important character in the upcoming Vikings Season 5.

Vikings is a show that is known for its rawness, in dealing with the throne or the relationship. The role of Ragnar was always the highlight of the show, where his heroic ventures mesmerised the audiences for the last three seasons. This season is not an exception. But the ‘death’ is something that is just undigestible for his fans. But we must be wise to realise the twist of the plot and can wait for some more dramatic events. The episode ‘revenge’ is just the beginning, where the topsy-turvy situation and the adrenaline rush is about to start reacting in our veins. Lagertha’snew move is too heroic, and she again proves why she was the first choice of Ragnar!

The bonding of the sons of Ragnarseems too perfect and can turn out to be anoasis,as it might pave the way for more greed, politics and power play. We just don’tknow where the plot will go further. But we can assure that the fifth season will be one of the highlighting and most dramatic series of the series of Vikings. Thus the 18th episode ‘Revenge’ of the 4th season is just the beginning of more drama and nail-biting events that are yet to come!

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