Vikings Season 4 Air Date, Speculations, Updates: Is Ragnar Nearing his End?

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Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4: The fourth season of the historical drama series that began airing back in February is going on its second part with the upcoming eleventh episode. When part 1 of Vikings Season 4 ended in April, the plot was already in the thick of things. Now that part two is coming up, we only expect things to intensify further. The internet is already chock full of speculations about what we can expect from the second instalment of Vikings Season 4, so here we have amassed the most intriguing ones for our readers.

Vikings Season 4

The plot of Vikings follows the legendary Viking chief Ragnar Lothbrok as portrayed in the thirteenth century Norse tales. In Vikings Season 4, Ragnar is surrounded by enemies from all sides. Harald, particularly, wants to become the King of all Norway, and to do so he must eliminate Ragnar.

Vikings Season 4 Part 2 will return with an older Ragnar threatened and his rulership jeopardised. In the first instalment, Ragnar willingly went into exile after losing in battle to Rollo, only to return many years later. But things are no more the same back in his lands, and his people have begun doubting his abilities.

Vikings Season 4 (Part 2) Teaser Trailer

Tussles have long been brewing across the lands, and Part 2 will return with more conflict, both personal and political. Ragnar’s sons are already in two minds about their father, and Bjorn is told that Ragnar’s arrival will only bring war, tragedy, and death. In the absence of his father, Bjorn has become the new leader and by the looks of it, he is planning to join forces with Rollo.

Vikings Season 4 (Part 2) Speculations

Update: According to new reports, Ragnar’s crippled son Ivar the Boneless will assume an important part in the upcoming season. It is already clear that despite Ivar’s physical shortcomings, Ragnar thinks very highly of his mental strength. In Vikings Season 4 Part 2, Ragnar may be seen trying to make his son into a true leader. One report points out that a new Ivar-centric trailer that recently surfaced on Twitter has left tongues wagging about the possibility of him following in the shoes of his legendary father to become the next king of Kattegat. The report states that after Ragnar returns many years later as an older man (as we have already seen in the trailers), he will try to convince Ivar to take up the responsibility of leading his people, an in the process, regain his son’s love and trust for him.

Original Story

Speculations are rife that Ragnar, the legendary Viking, will finally meet his end in Season 4. It is already apparent that he is on really unstable grounds at the moment, and his end seems imminent.

But according to actor Travis Fimmel, Ragnar will find solace in his son Ivar. Ivar may be seen by the whole world as an incapacitate, but Ragnar knows that he is the only one of his sons with the mental capacity of being a true leader.

However in the upcoming episode entitled The Outsider, Ragnar will confront Ecbert about violating the Viking settlement, and the former is also expected to raise an army against Ecbert. So it may well be that the character will resume his earlier glory.

Meanwhile, Lagertha will take up a new lover. The teaser showed her being intimate with another woman who resides in thje Great House, called Astrid.

Vikings Season 4 Part 2 will return on November 30, 2016.

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