Victoria Season 2 Yet to be Confirmed by ITV

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Victoria Season 2

Victoria Season 2: The intense British television series Victoria was premiered on 28th August 2016 on ITV and with eight episodes the first series ended on 9th October 2016. With the success of the first season, the show managed to gain a fan base of over more than 8 million. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the fans are eager to know about Victorias struggles when it comes to balancing the role as a Queen and as a wife and mother. Even though ITV has not yet confirmed the air date of the television series Victoria Season 2, we do get to know about what to expect from the second series of the show. In this article, we discuss the things to expect from the second season of the hit British drama Victoria.

Would we see Lord Melbourne in ‘Victoria’ Season 2?

Lord Melbourne played by Rufus Sewell in ITV’s hit series Victoria and was seen giving an outstanding performance.With his absence in the season finale of Victoria season 1, the fans of the show are eager to know whether they will be able to see him in the second series of the show. With the beautiful chemistry between the Queen and Lord Melbourne, the viewers want more of the drama in Victoria season 2. According to Radio Times, the actor Rufus Sewell is known to be busy with filming the Amazon Prime drama The Man in the High Castle. However, this news is not confirmed by the makers of the series Victoria.

Would there be more children in the future for the queen?

In the season finale of Victoria season 1, we saw the queen giving birth to her first child and the first season dealt with the first three years of the queen’s life. According to Jenna Coleman, gives a subtle hint about having more children, if her marriage works out.

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that Victoria Season 2 is going to be filled with many surprises and the fans are going to see the queen trying her best to straighten her life along with being a successful queen. According to the latest news ITV has not come up with the confirmed news of the second season air date, we are excited to see Jenna Coleman work her magic on the screen.

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