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When a period film is made the most important thing in mind is location setting, lifestyle, cognition, futuristic and so on and with this particular Telugu language film Vangaveeti, Ram Gopal Varma has dome a commendable job. Pitching at the right pace, right time, the crime drama thriller has taken the theatres by storm. The hard-hitting dialogues and story development has bound viewers to clutch their seats and enjoy watching the dawn of the 70s and 80s political phase of Andhra Pradesh. Giving a glimpse of Mohana Ranga realm, Vangaveeti is a blend of intense political transition of a commoner to Godman as well as affect to personal life. In this article, we will share the movie details provided below.

Vangaveeti Cast & Crew

  • Sandeep Kumar as Vangaveeti Radha/Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga
  • Vamsi Nakkanti as Chalasani Venkata Raman
  • Vamsi Chaganti as Devineni Murali
  • Kautilya as Devineni Gandhi
  • Shritej as Devineni Nehru
  • Naina Ganguly as Ratna Kumari
  • Director/Screenplay/Story: Ram Gopal Varma
  • Writer:  Chaithanya Prasad and Radha Krishna
  • Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
  • Adaptation: Vijaywada Gang Warfare
  • Music/Background Score: Ravi Shankar
  • Cinematography: Rahul Srivastav, K. Dilip Varma and Surya Chowdhary
  • Editor: Sidhartha Ratholu
  • Production Banner: Bad-Cow Films
  • Distributors: Ramadutha Creations and AKS Global Media LLC

Vangaveeti Movie Plot/Storyline

As per the synopsis, Vangaveeti is a story about former MLA Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, and his brother Vangaveeti Radha. It deals with the influence and power-play they had during the caste war and political turmoil in Vijayawada during the 70s and 80s. The film is based on the lives of politician brothers one of them was a constituent from Vijayawada during the reign of N T Rama Rao, but changes in preferences and their altercation with communist dominated Vijayawada splatted the dawn of political face of the State. The helm of dominance not only affected the commoner but their personal lives too thus taking Andhra Pradesh most yearned Gang warfares in the history of Indian politics.

Watch the Theatrical Trailer of Vangaveeti here

Vangaveeti Movie Review

If seen then overall the film is commendable as actors have given a remarkable performance on screen with Filmmaker Varma keeping small incidents quite clear in his mind. The hideous background score is adding up more spice and zeal to the film thus developing the entire story in an intense manner. One might find it sluggish during the beginning of second half, but the first half is so captivating that the continuation won’t make you get bored. Moreover, the cinematography, as well as director of photography, is awesome and interesting.

Sudeep has done a remarkable job thus giving a minute hint of being a debutante, along with other actors being brilliant. Varma is a man of a genius as always with his political based drama thriller portrayed a classy work of art. We still remember Sarkar and Sarkar Raj (Hindi language Bollywood film), where he gave a reason to be proud and with the latest venture, he seems unstoppable.

The following film shown as A rated can be watched Once with family but not for light-hearted as it contains a pretty good number of stunts and violence.

Vangaveti Bouquet or Brickbat Factor

Opened with mixed reaction, Vangaveeti has mainly received positive reactions from the audience’s side wherein the critics has given good reviews. The Telugu language film renders upon Bouquet Factor lot more, as its intense storyline, cinematography, acting performance, the direction is simply worth noticing. Those who personally don’t prefer RGV films might give a chance.

Vangaveeti Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Released in as many as 1,300 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the occupancy rate has hiked from 87% to 92% as the first day first show saw a slow approach but later on in the evening it caught a good pace thus engaging 90% of the total audience hailing in respective locations. Despite a big banner Bollywood release, people from local areas prefer watching regional language films which helped Vangaveeti attract more viewership as weel as revenue. Thus, Vangaveeti 1st day/day 1 total collection has earned Rs. 77 lakhs approximately.

Vangaveeti Movie Reaction

Audiences have given a mostly positive reaction on several critical analysis platforms especially in Book My Show where most of the viewers have given 4.7 stars out of 5. apart from this, some people gave negative reaction stating their anger and pithiness towards the filmmaker. Critics platform have given 2.5 rating out of 5 henceforth providing the statement as “foul attempt” of the production unit.

Vangaveeti Final Verdict

The intense crime-drama-thriller can be stated as One Time Watch as it has all the elements that a politically based film tends to possess. It can be said as RGV masterpieces but juggling up his previous films based ob Politico gang warfare; this might be 15% of the total work analysis. Having a gem like RGV who is diverted towards making such serious real-life issues along with being Politically correct, Vangaveeti would be loved by one and all but not at all for faint hearted and younger ones.

Vangaveeti Movie Rating
Background Score
RGV’s latest Telugu venture Vangaveeti is a work of finesse involving the real scenario of 1970-80 Vijayawada which will bound you to clutch to seats for 2 hours 22 minutes.


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