Uttarakhand Elections 2017: Who Will Emerge as Winner to Rule Devbhumi

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The assembly elections in Uttarakhand which is to be held on February 15th, 2017, where almost 10, 150,000 people will vote in 70 constituencies in favour of few contesting parties. Currently ruled by Congress with Mr. Harish Rawat as its Chief Minister, Bharatiya Janta Party emerges as another massive opposition who is pretty keen to put its front foot forward and rule out Uttarakhand Elections 2017 with a certain majority. Giving a tough competition to both the major parties, Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has its own share of popularity traveling with the wind of the State. Well, with four firm parties contesting in upcoming assembly polls, it’s pretty to settle and predict the polls beforehand.



Key Elements in Campaigning for Uttarakhand Elections 2017

Eyeing on key elementslike electricity, employment, women empowerment, education, mortality rate, etc. the State revenue mostly depends on Tourism sector as its scenic beauty attracts almost million of tourists per year. However, raising issues like unemployment came as bait in the present assembly polls as Uttarakhand Elections 2017 stands on the massive issue of change post natural calamity and continual disastrous struck in the State in 2015-16. So, with a line of issues and problems tend to be solved may meet the prime focus of the agenda seekers.

Contesting Parties in Assembly Polls

Contesting one on one with a plethora of conditions and promises, major political parties such as Congress, BJP, BSP, and UKD fight hard to attract the masses who will cast their vote in single-phase polls on February 15. Hitting on main regions like Kumaon, Garhwal, Terai, Maidan, and so on, Congress introduced 63 candidates for 70 seats in main regions including sitting MLA Harish Rawat as its PM candidature. BJP released a list of 64 candidates out of 70 seats where 12 MLA belonging to Congress joined BJP thus being given several vital regions in the State.

Apart from BJP and Congress, parties like BSP has released a list of 50 candidates for 70 seats which may give tough competition to Uttarakhand’s recently grand alliance of UKD with minor parties such as Janta Dal (United), Janta Dal (Secular), Peace Party, Hamara Jan Manch Party, and Uttarakhand Mool Niwas Party which are ready to contest from all the 70 seats in UttarakhandElections 2017. Moreover, a petty party in the State like RLD has released 15 candidates so as to compete with other major parties.

List of Constituencies in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Elections 2017Exit Polls

As per the previous assembly elections held in 2012, Congress emerged as the elected party with winning 32 seats giving a major shock to BJP as it closed winning over 31 seats out of all the official constituencies. However, with the upcoming polls drawing near, several sources has already revealed the prediction of the exit polls of Uttarakhand Elections 2017. Major survey poll platform India Today-Axis based on a massive survey predicted BJP to be the winner of the assembly elections thus backed by 39 to 43 seats across the State. Uttarakhand Post gave 41 seats to Congress wherein ABP News-Lokniti gave 40 seats to BJP thus giving minimal seats to other contesting parties.

However, UKD has emerged to be an equally strong party as it has continuously worked in front foot for the past 15 years so, as per local Garhwal news agencies, UKD which has formed a grand alliance with several minor parties, may come as the winner of Uttarakhand Elections 2017 thus engaging near about 41 seats out of total constituencies. Still, other prominent survey agencies are locking in Congress as the winner and ruling party of the State for another 5 years.

Uttarakhand ElectionsResult

The State ready to witness single phase elections to be held on February 15, 2017, the results will be declared on March 11, 2017, and till then we have to render upon the predictions only.

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