Usain Bolt Launches “I am Bolt” Trailer for Own Documentary

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I am Bolt

“I am Bolt” Trailer:Olympic legend Usain Bolt will soon have a documentary on his life. The Jamaican athlete of superhuman prowess will have the story of his journey narrated of screens worldwide starting November 28. The movie is named “I Am Bolt”, and follows his journey both pre and post his recent victories. The trailer has already been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube in barely 2 days of being uploaded.

“Every year I worry, am I still fast?”

The athlete who has been breaking record after record for much part of his career recently won gold after gold at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The movie is expected to show his trysts with motivation, the controversies that come with fame, and the ups and downs of training. The movie is expected to include the points of view on Bolt’s family, coaches and other people around him.

CheckI am Bolt Official Trailer Here

The movie’s outlook is pretty much centered around his life as a sportsperson, and the tryst a sportsperson goes through balancing their passion and social lives, family commitments and more. The movie is also going to star several other sports legends, including Serena Williams, Pele and Neymar.

Usain Bolt’s childhood has also inspired a short animated movie called “The Boy Who Learned to Fly”, which was released on Gatorade’s YouTube channel on July 19 this year. The movie has raked 13 million views on the channel, so one can expect the full feature movie to have quite a bit of success.

I Am Bolt brings to Bolt fans a more intimate understanding of the sports legend’s life, such as the training schedule that’s almost cruel, pre-competition jitters and his ways of relaxing with those close to him. Footage from Bolt’s childhood and some shots Bolt filmed himself, narrating the events and emotions he was going through are included as well. How he trains, how he lets his hair down and how he makes time to include both in his life are a mystery to many which the movie is expected to clear up.

“I know a lot of people around the world feel like they know me already but I’m excited for everyone to see the real me in I Am Bolt.”

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