US May Stop Spouses Of H1-B Visa Holders From Working

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A rule introduced in the era of the Obama Administration allowed the spouses of the H1-B Visa holders to work jobs in the United States of America. However, in light of the change of regime, this rule is probably going to change now. The Trump Administration is now considering revoking the rule that extends the authorization to work in the United States of America of the H1-B Visa holders to the spouses of those personnel working in the United States of America. This move could affect thousands of workers and their families that enjoy the benefits of working under the rule.

The spouses of the H1-B Visa holders have been eligible to work in the US since 2015, as the rule allowed the visa holders waiting for their green cards to work on H-4 dependent visas. In 2016, nearly 41,000 H-4 visa holders were issued authorization to work in the US. This year, the number of authorizations issued crossed the figure of last year; up to June alone, 36,000 authorizations were issued. The H1-B visa program has attracted many high-skilled workers, mainly from India and China, and one of the main attractions of the program is the opportunity for the spouses of the workers to be eligible to work in the US.

The change is being made in accordance to Trump’s order of “Buy American, Hire American”, issued earlier this year. “DHS is proposing to remove from its regulations certain H-4 spouses of H-1B non-immigrants as a class of aliens eligible for employment authorization,” said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in a latest regulation. According to CNN, while changing the rule wouldn’t prevent spouses of H-1B holders from pursuing other avenues for work authorization, it could deter a number of high- skilled immigrants from staying in the US if their spouses can’t easily find work.

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