Uri Attack Shows Nil Evidence Towards Jihadi Group, NIA Reports

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Uri Attack

In the recent terror attack in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir where 18 soldiers got martyred the case has been handed over to National Intelligence Agency (NIA) where the team lodged a FIR against the expected terror group. After many forensic efforts and investigation, probe channelised 24*7, not much of evidence have been off the course. As of now, the Uri attack shows nil evidence for Lashkar-e-Taiba or any such similar kind of jihadi in any manner.

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Along with NIA, National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) collected various samples as well as a number of arms and ammunitions from the ground zero of attack point. The arms include 4 Kalashnikov rifles, barrel-fired grenades, launchers on the Kalashnikova, etc. There was no signs or mark which would work as pieces of evidence. It didn’t even have military marking belonging to any terrorist group on the machinery.

Apart from ammunition and weapons, an I-Com manufactured handset have been recovered which quite similar to the same handset possessed by Bahadur Ali, a Pakistani arrested in July. Such devices are used to send signals and informationto the base stations of the terror camps, but it’s still not clear whether the same thing was sent to banned group Lashkar-e-Taiba, for Uri attack.

Till now, the reports from NIA reveal that the terrorists spent at leasta day in the mountain ranges. Most of the fatalities occurred in the cooking place and store room which was locked and burned after few soldiers were killed at very point. There were four of them who killed 18 jawans including a sentry, in the beginning, headed towards tents of soldiers and last the officer’s mess.

As of now, only non-armed items have been recovered through the investigation which includes syringes, painkillers, medical items, food packets, and so on which shows the mark of Pakistan manufacturing but such necessary kit is possessed by many especially those who cross the border from Pakistan to enter India for daily usages. Also, such markings don’t denote to LeT or any Pakistani jihadist responsible for Uri attack.

Despite the growing pressure on NIA as well as Indian secret service teams to recover shreds of evidence for Uri attack. However, Pakistan denied of any links to the terror attack in India. NIA lately took fingerprints and blood samples of the four killed terrorist and had come to the point that they all belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is subsequently another jihadi groupbelonging to Pakistan.

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