Upcoming Compile Heart Card Game NepuNepu Connect News, Trailer to Release Tomorrow

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NepuNepu Connect News

Compile Heart is expected to launch its upcoming game, NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Champions, in Japan later this year. The game had been teasing on the Compile Heart website for some time now and it was clear that it was going to be a crossover experience featuring characters from several gaming worlds like Hyperdimension NeptuniaTrillion: God of DestructionFairy Fencer F and  Omega Quintet. The makers are scheduled to release a trailer of the game tomorrow, July 28.


The Japanese gaming magazine, Dengeki PlayStation, revealed in its latest issue that gamers can expect a PS Vita exclusive free-to-play card battle experience from the upcoming game that is likely to feature more than one hundred characters if we are to consider characters across all of Compile Heart’s games.

But it will have an original story with a new heroine introduced at the centre of it all who will be set against the backdrop of clashing and colliding characters from different worlds. This ensures that the game will have an original concept despite including familiar characters, which is bound to be a pretty exciting experience for Compile Heart fans. The main heroine of the game is a girl named Yuriina who is on a quest to save the world from something called “chaos energy” by collecting gold fragments.

In order to engage the characters in card battles, the player will need to tap and drag along the screen of their PS Vita, which will then activate the characters.

Despite all the hype created over the game, many Compile Heart fans were disappointed with NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Champions being just another free card game featuring microtransactions. However, keeping Compile Heart’s previous card games in mind, this one is probably going to be pretty exciting.

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