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 Role of a Bank Clerk

A Bank Clerk directly handles and takes care of the customer responsibilities and deals directly with all the customer services provided by the Bank. The various roles of a Bank Clerk in Bank are:

• Attending to customer’s requirements like passing of cheques, withdrawal slips etc. in Bank

• Ensuring compliance to KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines by RBI at the time of opening of Savings, Current Bank Accounts etc.

• Explaining the salient features of bank’s products to customer

• Maintaining and updating accounts of customers

• Follow up of customer by calling them in case of Advances

Domains Provided to a Bank Clerk

Interest clerk: He Records interest owed to saving accounts customers and interest owed to the bank from loans and other investments.

Loan clerk: He Records and organizes loan information.

Statement clerk: He prepares the monthly balance sheets of checking account customers.

Exchange clerks: He works on international accounts, translating foreign currency into pounds sterling and vice versa.

Security clerk: He Records, files and looks after stocks, bonds and other investment documents.

Book Keeping Clerk: He takes care of records for each customer’s account.

Salary of Bank Clerk

The initial basic pay of a Bank Clerk is Rs. 11736/- Apart from the Basic Pay a Bank Clerk is granted Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Special Allowance etc. Thus, the Gross Salary of a Bank Clerk becomes Rs. 20,045/- The salary of Bank Clerk might slightly differ with cities. The salary of Bank Clerk might be slightly higher in the metropolitan city compared to the others.

Bank Clerk Vacancy

The Bank Clerk Vacancy varies for different banks. The Bank Clerk Vacancy for SBI Clerk is different from IBPS Clerk and so on. Let’s have a look at the different vacancies created through few Bank Exams:

Vacancy Details SBI Clerk  Jobs.

SBI Clerk : Around 15000 (expected).

IBPS Clerk : 19243 posts.

Other Banks : 10000+ posts.

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