UP Elections 2017: SP General Secretary Ashok Pradhan Quits Post to Join BJP

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In the midst of symbol row between Father-Son duo ahead of the UP Elections 2017 to be held in March-April, the ruling party’s National General Secretary Ashok Pradhan quit from his post in Samajwadi Party (SP) so as to join Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Strictly to be noted is that Mr Pradhan quit BJP to join SP on April 2014, but as history repeats, he again settled himself in his comfort zone all over again, henceforth resigning from the elite post of the party.

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Samajwadi Party, today, awaited a big decision pending on the ‘right to use’ Party symbol from the Election Commission followed by a huge loss on member cross-over thus leaving the Party dismantled. The news broke during a press conference held at BJP headquarters where Pradhan was welcomed with open arm, garlands and ahuge round of applause. In fact, the spokesperson even denoted that Mr Ashok is not the only one to quit and join but rather there are several other Ministers who have shown interest in joining BJP thus looking forward to the UP elections 2017.

The National Secretary General of BJP Bhupendra Yadav officially made an announcement after welcoming Ashok Pradhan in the Party at 5:30 p.m. today. Another member of SP who joined BJP was Secretary of State Yogendra Chowdhary who earlier quit BJP in 2014 as State President of BJP to join SP. The roundabout process may be termed as ‘big loss’ to the State governing party as two pivotal members quit the party just a month before UP Elections 2017. Along with Ashok and Yogendra, another person who recently joined BJP is Mahesh Awana subsequently strengthening the party even more than earlier.

The centre-ruling party has opened a ‘campaign’ for those who wishes to join the Party for the upcoming polls where interested persons tend to send a request through a Party app and get hold of the membership in an official manner. The party has also come up with an idea to set exampleamongst the public regarding Digital India and cashless economy.

The following incident is definitely going to turn blues during the UP Elections 2017 to be held in March-April with the wittiest tug-of-war for State throne in the history of Assembly polls.

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