Untethered is a Radio Play-Inspired Mystery Game Exclusively for the Daydream VR

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Untethered is a Radio Play

NuminousGames has come up with a quirky new game that is radically different from their last, rather tragic, offering. The new game, titled Untethered, isone that is exclusive for the Google Daydream VR. But that’s not the only surprising factor about the new title.


Untethered (that comes after the studio’s January releaseThat Dragon, Cancer)is an episodic series, the first of which sets the player up as a late night radio jockey. And it’s rather interactive toobecause you have to talk to those callers using your actual voice. But what is the game about, you ask? It’s actually a mystery game where you will need to uncovera secret that is plaguing the town in which you virtually reside in. In the first episode, that place is the coastal region of Oregon. But playing this VR game by yourself will hardly be a lonely affair, as you’ll have your producer, the callers, and some great music to accompany you. In terms of this last one, Eurogamer reports that the game will feature exclusive tunes from Future Folk and Jill Sobule. Untethered also looks pretty good while being minimalistic, and you can see the RJ’s office strewn with records, consoles, takeout Chinese, and a bunch of other things you can expect to see at such a place.

According to the studio, “Episode one of Untethered sets the player in the hot seat as a small town radio show DJ. The player records commercials, interviews callers, plays records and passes the time with their odd-duck producer until their shift ends. Only when local town people start calling in does the player discover just how strange their coastal community can be.” This storyline is exclusive for the first episode of the game. We’re still in the dark about what kind of mysteries the subsequent episodes of Untethered will make players unravel, but the studio has guaranteed that there will be new characters to meet and new places to explore.

It’s a novel idea, for certain, as interacting with the invisible characters of the game and hunting for clues may sounds pretty awesome. But the future of the series remains to be seen as the Daydream VR is not yet supported on a wide number of smartphones. If you do own one of those that do support it (the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, for instance), then you can find the game on the Google Play Store at $4.99. Meanwhile, you can watch the launch trailer for the unconventional title below.

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