Unique Birthday Gifts for One-Year Old boy

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Birthday Gifts for One-Year Old boy

Celebrating the birthday of a one-year-old boy is an extraordinary event. But, when it comes to selecting a gift, the parents and relatives have to think about it. Every shopkeeper and online platform suggest thousands of options. Picking some best and relevant gifts can be very difficult.  If you are a parent or relative of a one-year-old boy and finding the best gift ideas, then you are in the proximity.  Focusing on saving your time and money, we come with unique birthday gifts for a one-year-old boy.  Read this entire article, and you will get something that perfect for the gift for a one-year-old boy.

Unique birthday gifts for One-Year-Old boy

Birthday Gifts for One-Year Old boy

Of course, the first birthday gifts would depend on the gender of the baby, but here, let us discuss some general things which both boys and girls would like. Soft toys, baby clothes, bath accessories, color rings, and colorful bibs are very often gifted to the babies since they fancy soft and vibrant objects. Cuddly teddy bears, musical boxes, walkers, high chairs, prams, and talking baby dolls often make great and exciting gifts. However, if you want to appear truly unique and innovative, read the rest of the article for attractive birthday presents for the first year of the baby.

Band set for toddlers

Being one-year old means that the baby is entering toddlerhood from infancy, which marks the initial phase of his growing years now. So how about giving him a toddler band set as a unique and artistic birthday present? The musical trills and tones would be highly enjoyed by the baby and play a pivotal part in enhancing his sense of rhythm and intelligence development. Various musical instruments make up the band set, which keeps the baby engrossed happily for hours on end while he explores the different musical tunes.

Birthday Gifts for One-Year Old boy

Birthday cake playset for the first year

Giving the baby his or her first playset is a perfect way to usher in toddlerhood. The little one will squeal with joy in unzipping the playset and finding beautiful objects inside, including soft toys that squeak when pressed or squeezed, silly and cute party hats, and the works.  Having a photo pocket will also allow the parents to preserve the memories of the baby’s first birthday.

Make-believe and pretend toys

The toddlers are at the age of initial understanding and would enjoy the make-believe world of enchantment. Presenting them with attractive cars, buses, and trucks that are battery operated or remote controlled or a kitchen set complete with dishes, pots, and pans open up a whole new world for them. Colored blocks also serve as excellent playthings and are cool options for first birthday gifts.

Active fun toys

If you are willing to spend more money, there are lovely slides and see-saws available for kids that they can go aboard and enjoy, of course, with adult supervision. Colorful rocking horses and tricycles are also available in the toy shops, which provide a lot of joy to your little hearts.

Other unique gifts for one year

It is a bus that the child can pull behind them, but when they aren’t walking, they can sort the different shapes by putting them in their respective holes. These types of toys help with motor skills and reasoning. Toddlers will quickly learn that only the round block can go in the round hole. Building blocks help with children hand to eye coordination

It is another great idea as well because it makes farm animal sounds, and the child can learn what animals make what music.  This toy helps with memory, association skills, and many other motor skills that the child will be developed.

Building blocks teach them hand-eye coordination, and they learn to put the block on top of each other without knocking them all over.  Building blocks is a useful skill for not only walking but for many other things that they will learn to do throughout the years.

Alphabet toys are one of the best and unique gifts for a one-year-old boy or girl, anything with the alphabet that the parents can sound out to them.  Or even better if the toy can sound it out for them.  This will help with their letters and make it easier for them to learn how to talk.


All these toys would be great for a one-year-old, just remember that you need to get them age-specific toys.  Especially games that are not for older children. We hope you got the best gift idea for the one-year-old boy through this article. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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