Understanding the worth of your old car to get a reasonable price

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old car

If you want to get rid of your old car and want to sell it off, then it is essential that you find out what exactly is your car worth to get the right price for your car. You may consider what your used car is worth and that will be important to sell your car off profitably. There are several ways through which you can find out about that. This article will help you to understand how you can get a proper idea of your car’s worth and correct price.

The factors of prime importance to determine the price of your car

There will be several different elements which can determine what the fair amount should be for your car in the market today. When you finally get intrigued about knowing what’s my car worth, you will need to follow some essential tips. Here the tips which will help you in realizing what the fair market price of your car will be. That can go on to assist you in selling your car quickly and for a lot of money also.

  1. Check the odometer: The first thing that you need to check will be the odometer. The mileage which is read out by your odometer will make a massive difference with regards to the worth of your car. If your car has lower mileage, as you have used it for running mostly around your locality for errands or perhaps for taking the children to their school, then you can find yourself getting a higher price for your car. However, if you are someone who has put in a lot of miles on your car and have driven it around considerably across states and cities, then you will have clocked up a higher mileage, and such cares will have a much lower value regarding price in the market. Thus, you would need to check the mileage of your car. If your mileage is high, then you will get a lower price quote, but if the mileage is low, then you will be getting a higher price for your car.

old car

  1. Type of car you have: The second thing which is of utmost importance will be the type of vehicle that you have. The make and the model of your vehicle will be a huge factor in deciding what the price of your car will be. There will be many cars belonging to some particular type of models which will be more popular and thereby will be bringing more money to the seller. For instance, a car like the Toyota Camry will be having a higher demand than a car like the Chevy Impala. Thus, the Toyota will have higher value just merely because of its model and design. That will, however, be susceptible to various changes and fluctuations in different markets and specific cities and zones.
  1. Time factor: The third factor that you need to consider is the time. It might sound unimportant but this actually plays a big part in determining the worth of a car for sale. The season in which you are choosing to be selling your car will also be an essential factor that can go on to decide what will be the worth of your vehicle. For instance, if you were to be having usual 4 by 4 multipurpose utility vehicle, then it is going to bring you more money when you sell it during the spring or in the summer when people like going on long rides.

Similarly, if you have a convertible, it will bring you more money if you sell it during summer because in the winter there will be plenty of snow around and it will get difficult for you to drive it at that time. If the country is going through an economic crisis and the price of fuel is higher than usual, then the cost of regular small economy vehicles will get higher than the more fuel consuming cars like the SUV. Besides this, if people are going through financial problems then also the cheap models will bring in more money than the prices of the expensive and high maintenance sports cars.

  1. The maintenance of your car: How you have looked after your car and maintained it is also an essential factor. If you are someone who has taken a lot of reasonable care and kept their vehicle with attention to detail and has cleaned it regularly, then the car will fetch more value. Added to this if the number of miles put on it is low then also the price will be quite high. However, the opposite is also true that is if you have not looked after your care correctly or have not maintained it well then you shall be getting a lesser amount of money for your car.
  1. The extras that you have added in your car: The added extra equipment that you have added to your vehicle will also be bringing more and more money to you when you are selling your vehicle. When you have put pieces of equipment like larger side mirrors, running boards, then the value of your car will increase compared to just having an ordinary vehicle.

You should try to maintain your car correctly if you want to get a reasonable price for it and take it to service centers and mechanics at regular intervals to get all the checkups appropriately done. Clean and wash your car also and do not let any damage or physical harm come to it.

To get more information on what your old car is worth, you must visit a professional car dealer and get your doubts and questions answered accurately.


There are a lot of different and various factors which can determine what the worth of a used car is. There have been instances where even the color of the car has influenced its value. You must remember to keep all your documents in order also. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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