Understanding the Implications of Ethernet Network in Industrial Application

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Ethernet Network

Industrial Ethernet has taken over the traditional way of communication between the devices that happened through the physical layers resulting in slow and inflexible communication. However, Ethernet revolution has changed the dynamics of the factory floors through its IP based communication system. Moreover, to compensate the demand, it has created a new wave of the industry that provides switches and media converters specifically designed for industrial application. Moreover, this particular subject is a little tricky and difficult to understand, and the target audience broadly remains unaware of its functionalities.

Precisely, Ethernet is a network solution that uses fiber optics or copper media to create the distribution system. Let’s look at the advantages of Ethernet network.

  • The use of Ethernet will drastically improve the flexibility of the network; in fact, by using a single cable, you will be able to transfer a multitude variety of the data, unlike the traditional Fieldbus system where you can perform one task at a time.
  • Network repetitiveness is one of the key features of the Ethernet network. In fact, the device can communicate with each other even when the connectivity fails or breaks in between the process. Moreover, this attribute is critical for safety, reliability and high degree of fault tolerance. Moreover, you need Ethernet DH+ to access and monitor the network remotely. The redundancy capacity of Ethernet is an ideal way of attaining the highest degree of reliability.
  • The Ethernet network uses TCP/IP as the underlying principle of its communication process that means it would enable the networks to interact with each other even when both the networks are located far away from each other. It also facilitates the use of point-to-point VPN tunnels to establish secure network connection without having to worry about the data security over the public network. You can get industrial routers with advanced firewall features for secure communication.

Ethernet Network

The power cycle process is faster; in fact, all the managed switches might take more than three minutes to reboot, but PLC uses simple ladder logic that can enable the system to reboot in less than one minute because the delay in power cycle can result in a port lockout.

  • The traditional Ethernet gateways have access to only 16-bit processing power which delays the response time and limits the connections, but new gateway converter such as 1784-u2dhp will be able to manage more connections and reduce the response time. Moreover, this converter is ideal for PLC programming and allows access and monitoring of the DH+ network from the PC. Moreover, this is a pocket-sized converter with advanced features, and it would not burn your pocket too.

Fundamentally, the industrial automation contains SCADA, I/O devices, PLC, and switches and gateways that facilitate the convergence between Fieldbus and Ethernet by offering network communication between the critical components at field and control level network. To achieve the highest degree of performance, all the components of the network must perform optimally. Therefore, you have to install the right kind of devices, drivers and converters to let the system operate seamlessly.

A PC card is an integral part of the network system because it will greatly enhance the memory, I/O capabilities, and storage capacity. 1784-PCMK is a reliable communication card highly effective for the PLC-5 processor and this system is crafted for heavy sequential and control applications and operates with special I/O features to communicate with other devices. So, if you want to interact with DH+ network through the notebook, then you must have this communication card that is a new generation product.

Apparently, this technology will take over the industrial sector as far as automation is concerned because it provides extreme control and precession regarding the application that would save money substantially. However, you have to understand the application, advantages, and limitations of the technology. The limitation might not be the perfect term to use in this context. Having said this, inevitably it means the technological and financial challenges it poses can be sometimes daunting.

Therefore, before you deploy the technology in your industrial unit, make sure to understand your requirements, financial viability, technological efficacy because without proper analysis and brainstorming integrating Ethernet in your system might prove to be a costly affair.

Moreover, if you already have installed technology then, you must spend resources in getting better performing devices, drivers, converters and other critical components that are important for the network system to function smoothly; hence, choose a right supplier. In case, you find it difficult to decide, then join online forums, participate in tech talk, and you will be able to find the right supplier that can enhance the network’s capability by providing the highest standard devices. Moreover, lastly, you must consider the cost factor too; it is advisable to a little longer, weigh your options before you order the products.

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