Ultimate Guide: Online voting system for India – Pros and Cons

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Online vote

Register to vote: Online voting system for India: Voting is a foremost duty cum rights for every citizen who is above 18 years old. In this digital life, digital voting includes mobile and internet voting in trend. Mobile voting includes the cast of the vote via the mobile app. Internet voting or voting is powered by the internet. For internet voting, one needs to register to vote. Let’s take a detail view of the registration and voting procedure in this article.

Internet voting

Internet voting provides to secret and secured ballot system electronically. Polling your votes on the concerned website using your digital voter id, which has a unique code and cryptographically encrypted? It helps to conduct the hassle-free ballot system across the industries and also a wide range of a country. It is the most secure and trustworthy election system, providing accurate and quick results.

Internet voting is a secure ballot system, casting the vote via the internet which interns sent to the electoral tea for valuation. There are three types of internet voting.

Remote voting

Remote voting is a type in which, the citizen can vote for his representative either fro office or home, through the concern authenticated websites.

Poll site voting

Poll site voting includes laptops, computers or mobile device which is to be previously set up for the local poll spots.

Kiosk voting

Only a few countries include Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and France using the Kiosk voting system. This means the vote polling booth is set up in the people meeting junction point include restaurants, malls and other places for the citizen’s convenience.

Pros and cons of internet voting


The good things about internet voting are given belowOnline voting


Convenience is the most important thing. We can poll the vote anywhere for our representatives using the polling websites and other devices. Internet voting is quite a convenience. It avoids the people to be standing in the long queues for a long time. Voters can vote their representatives anytime from anywhere.


Results in electronic voting are accurate since the compilation using the software is very accurate and automated.

Cheaper elections

Internet voting allows a cheaper election; polling booth arrangement and other fraudulent avoidance are simple and cheaper in the internet elections. It saves manpower and other resources.

Secure and increased efficiency

Internet voting is the most secured confidentially encoded using the algorithms’ and cryptographic encryption. Compilation and computation in internet voting are very efficient. Internet voting results will be delivered at a time. It eliminates the manpower allocation and vote counting volunteers and election duty workers. It is also secure and efficient

Reduces over voting

Internet voting avoids the risk of over-voting, fraudulent includes the over-voting, but in the case of internet voting, concern voter id citizen can vote one time, once he cast his vote, it will be marked and saved for the future reference. If someone tries to vote more than time, then he will be logged out or remarked that he cast his vote already.


Though the internet voting has several advantages, it has its own disadvantages side too.


The main disadvantage is also the security, because online voting sometimes may cause hackers to access the websites. People who are capable of hacking the websites can tamper the election results. Monitoring a huge amount of viruses is the expensive task and this will never give you 100% safety.


People who are not using the computers regularly and who are not comfortable using the computers will have a set of doubts and makes them distrust towards the internet system. Such peoples are not comfortable using their personal details and bank account details in the online world makes them distrust and less faith.

Online voting in India

Online voting in India involves the block chain technology which means the whole network for voting is divided into blocks and the technical things are to be performed over the partitioned blocks.

How to do online voting

All the things which have to be followed first are this form no 6 from the website https://www.nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/form6?lang=en-GB is the important form for the online voting request submission details. Enrol yourself with the voter id and aadhar card proof.

It includes every single detail of the concerned person from his name, age, parents name, qualification, residential permanent address and the full details has to be submitted in order to get the online voting permission.


The ballot system we are using the electronic voting machine has a lot of issues, leads to wide distrust among the people and the political parties. It is a vital need important for a clear voting system for a democratic country like India. It provides a transparent voting system for the voter to vote and eliminates the citizen’s obstacles. This type of online voting system has been announced in recent days and satisfies the citizens need and provides hassle-free election. Hope this article will be useful. If you like this article share with your friends. Have a good day.

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