UK PM Visit in India Opens Gate For Visas, Technology, Scientific R&D, Trade, Education

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UK PM Visit

In the recent meeting held in New Delhi between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, series of post Brexit-deals were taken forward. Post Brexit, Britain becomes the unique free trade champion nation in terms of the world’s fastest-growing major economy. During the laying of the foundation, she stated that the groundwork for the potential deal with India would help in the growth of several major sectors which includes business, trade, education, Intellectual Property (IPR) co-operation and so on.

Despite being a member of European Union, the country officials are willing to set a course of trade deals with India so as to curb economic challenges in the current global scenario. Also, by joining hands, both the nations can easily leverage technological issues thus to create new opportunities in the near future. Further, UK is eyeing on to become India’s largest key trade partner soon after it makes an exit from EU in 2019.

In fact, on Monday, Ms May announced regarding first ever easier visa regime for Indian businesspersons who are interested in working in Britain. The officials are also planning to provide greater mobility to students, researchers, students on fellowship program, etc. However, as per researchers, there has been steep fall in the persuasion of education visa where Indian students have stopped seeking nominal courses from British institutions from 2010. Partnering with India would help in redefining the knowledge economy in the 21st century, where there is an open invitation regarding signature policy initiative for building 100 new smart cities.

Theresa’s first official visit outside Europe post-Brexit may have aplethora of positive notions but applying it would be entirely different as well as difficult. Her 3-day visit in India, adheres lot of opportunities for the nation especially in terms of visas but the application, would be full of a hurdle. Theresa’s sole aim is to enhance Indo-UK ties in areas like defence, security, trade and investment.

Accompanied by businessdelegates belonging to theUK,Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox and Trade Minister Greg Hands, Ms May continued stating currently India holds the best UK Visa services as compared to other nations henceforth being the only place where it is possible to get the same day visa. Further, it is planning to provide a new registered travellers fee subsequently allowing Indian businesspersons to be fast-tracked through customs.

PM Narendra Modi pointed out few important proceedings such as thanking Ms May for choosing India as first ever bilateral visit apart from Europe so as to strengthen the trade and partnership in varied dimensions, horizontal sectors. The government of India has agreed upon a Joint Working Group (JWG) where it will primarily focus on goods trade, service trade, through skilled professionals. British enterprises are cordially invited to partner with Indian firms.

On a current note, Britain has already signed a 9billion pound deal in terms of investing in theeducation sector which includes, manufacturing, R&D projects, technology-based enterprises, information convergence, people-centric e-governance, innovative techno-entrepreneurship, affordable healthcare technology, agri-food security, solar energy and so on eventually being the largest G20 investor in India.

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