Twitter & Pinterest Accounts of Zuckerberg Hacked

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Zuckerberg Hacked

It seems no one in this world is not safe at all. But the height of hacking has crossed its limits and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts have been hacked.

The Hacker Team named, Ourmineteam announced that using the info gotten from Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn account, they have hacked his Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Through a Tweet, they confirmed that the official Twitter accounts of Mark Zuckerberg had been hacked.

They laughedout at the passwords of those accounts- Pinterest and Twitter. The Password was “dadada”! And warned him not to use very simple and basic password, a great CEO like him should not use a simple guessable password.

The tweet was deleted later, and the accounts have been recovered. Hackers around the world had broken the network security of LinkedIn and offered those user credentials in Darkweb at $1 for an individual’s details. In 2012 LinkedIn reported this mishap and informed users of changing the passwords of their accounts. Zuckerberg stopped using LinkedIn in 2012 and did not look at it till this incident happened.

Many of us set our passwords with a link between the various accounts online and in this case, Mark did the same mistake.

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