Twilight Saga is coming Back with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

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Twilight Saga

We were first introduced to the fantasy vampire series with the help of Stephenie Meyer, who came up with the enchanting love story of a vampire and a human in her acclaimedbook Twilight. The novel was released in 2005, and with the immense popularity of this book, the readers got to try out the following three that swooped them off their feet. New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were equally praiseworthy, and the fans went crazy with the whole Edward Cullen and Bella Swans beautiful romance. Sources say, that the author of the novel is all set to come up with a new story of Bella and Edward. We assume that this possible sequel would be something that is going tobe equally successful as the last time.

The Twilight series sold over more than 120 million copies worldwide. There is no doubt that the Twilight fans are all set to see the fairytale love story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan on screen. As the first novel goes Bella and Edward meet at their school when Bella moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her father. It was destined thatthey would come together and when they first set their eyes on each other, there was nothing on earth that could stop them from being together, not even Volturi. Therefore,having the adorable couple on screen would be something that all Twilight fans are looking forward to.

The best thing about the Twilight Saga is that the introduction of the new characters in every serieswhich is something that deviates the attention of the audience from the stereotypical fantasy love storyand leads to the formation of a nail-biting climax that everyone expects from such genre of movies. In conclusion, we are excited to see Bella and Edward facing the hurdlesof the world together and making their way to becoming one of the most iconic fantasies romantic story ever was written.

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