Trump: Qatar ‘historically’ a funder of terrorism

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Qatar terrorism

WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump told reporters from the Rose Garden of the White House that the middle-eastern sovereign of Qatar has been historically funding terrorism, teaching hate, and promoting killing.

He told reporters at a joint conference with the visiting Romanian President Klaus Johannis that nations had come together and spoken to him to confront Qatar over its behavior. He spoke using strong words accusing Qatar of funding terrorists at the highest level and asked other nations doing the same to stop with immediate effect.

In his first news conference since the testimony of ex-Director of the FBI, James Comey, Trump claims that other Gulf nations along with the United States of America faced a decision on whether to take an easy road or take a hard but necessary action to stop the funding of terrorism.

The Ambassador of Qatar to the United States His Excellency Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani claims that none of the accusations against Qatar are true and all the stories of Qatar funding terrorism are fabricated.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE along with Egypt have cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar, which is one of Pentagon’s largest military bases. This move has become a hurdle in the campaign of the United States’ campaign against ISIS.

The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in contrast to Trump’s statement, said that the state is urging the Gulf countries to reconsider the air and land blockade against Qatar to keep the movement of 11,000 US troops unhindered. While the movement has not faced any difficulties as of yet, the situation developing in the Middle East, if accelerated, would cut off supplies to the troops.

Trump exercised a great deal of stress on the ISIS situation during his campaign and believes that Qatar should realize its responsibility against terrorism and stop funding the terrorist groups in Syria. Qatar has ties to various groups in the Syrian Civil War including the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

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