Truecaller Joins Hands With Google to Introduce Video Calling Feature

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Truecaller has joined hands with Google to introduce video calling services besides a slew of new services. Truecaller has decided to up the ante with a host of new features as well. Alongside incorporating the Google Duo feature in its Android and iOS app, Truecaller has also introduced payments solutions and better caller identification features.

The announcement was first made by Amit Fulay, who is India head, Google Duo. Fulay stated that video calling was everyone’s right and that every network should take this into cognizance. he also said that every user should avail the feature. The platforms were no bar, he added. Google, he said, had tied up with Truecaller to “make video calling simple, fast and available to everyone.”

Truecaller introduces new features

Truecaller, in association with Google Duo, is set to roll out in April. Initially, it will be a permission-based service, which means that the app has to ask the user if he or she would like to share certain details with the public. Nami Zarringhalam, who is the co-founder and CSO of Truecaller, also stated that the customer had the freedom to ensure that he or she could opt in or opt out of the service. Zarringhalam also confirmed that the video calling will ensure that the safest and the smartest video calling protocols would be followed.

Truecaller’s New Features

Truecaller also announced a slew of features to match up to its standards as the leading caller identification app in the market. The first of them is a partnership with Airtel. Together with Airtel, Truecaller has brought an improved “Airtel Truecaller ID” for users of Airtel’s services. Truecallerhas also announced a refurbished and uplifted Android app with more and improved features. these features will include SMS filter, Truecaller Pay, and Flash Messaging.

The SMS filter will allow all Truecaller users to identify the sender of SMSs. This will also ensure that real-time weeding out and flagging of spam messages is done in real time. The filter, as its name suggests, will also aid in identifying the user’s preferences when it is working to ensure smarter filtering.

The Flash Messaging service will allow the user to send preformatted messages as templates in emergencies. These will replace the templates that are currently used. Simply preselect the recipients and in times of distress, these messages will be delivered to selected recipients. You can also update your real-time location using the service. The last of the services, Truecaller Pay, is aimed to tap the growing digital market in the country.

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