True Beauty Is Not Seen, It Is Felt

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To seek beauty and to define beauty is perhaps one of the highest quests of the mind and humanity has sought and fought over the riches of beauty in both the natural world and the man-made.

Normally, we refer the beauty to a woman, which thought comes to our mind at the first instance but it is not like that it has a broader vision in the four kingdoms of nature – Cosmos, Vegetation, Animals, and Mankind. Everything has beauty but hardly everyone could see it which is the doorway to the heart.

Beauty is one’s liking and it can be found at any place and in anything. It is of vital concern to society and it could be in words, music, scriptures, loving, flowers, hugging, helping and so on.

People find beauty in the flower and you can keep your nose clear by smelling fragrant flowers.

It could be found in words if you speak kind words to develop attractive lips. We can also sharpen our tongue by reciting scriptures and sharing your learning with others. It could also be found in the eyes, so develop the beauty of your eyes by seeing only well in people.

Beauty could also be expressed from your heart and for that, we have to maintain a healthy heart by loving everyone.

Hugging is also one of the ways of expressing your beauty of strengthening your arms and shoulders. So we must hug at least five people every day to develop this beauty.

Your mind is also a part of beauty. We should keep clean our mind by forgiving both yourself and others.

We need to work on every part of our body for example by working on our legs by reaching to others in need.

To reach to the beauty of moon in cosmos, we must have a ladder of stars to reach there. Similarly, there is also a beauty in the chirping of birds, their flying power and body structures when you watch from a close.

There is also a beauty in vegetation kingdom and we can preserve it by taking care of the roots by watering and the trees will be definitely taking care of us.

I recollect an incident of beauty when two colleagues were standing in the corner of the colony where he lives and on seeing a beautiful lady from a distance, one of them said, “See how beautiful is the lady?” She was none else than the wife of the other one. Life of each one is full of gorgeous, stunning, astonishing and surprising incidents of beauty. In another incident, I do remember, there was a girl, whose was very beautiful looking from a distance but not good from close-up and a group of students uses to call her as – 20 yards beauty.

Frankly speaking, which attracts to mind and eyes is beautiful. Nature is so vast and I don’t think focusing solely on the commonplace or in the exceptional to find the true beauty is adequate and justified. True beauty is not seen, it is felt and feeling itself is a reality.

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