Trishala Dutt Expresses her Aversion towards Enhancement Surgeries

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Trishala Dutt

With the increasing competition in the film industry, looking perfect is something that all actors opt for these days. Gone are the days when natural beauty was something that was the key reason for appreciation of beauty. These days going under the knife for a lip job, boob job or even a nose job is just like going to the shopping mall for buying a dress. Even though criticism for this act is quite apparent, recently Sanjay Dutt‘s daughter Trishala Dutt used her creativity to take a dig at the actresses in Bollywood who opt for such surgery in order to look perfect. Her sarcasm was quite clear on the picture she posted on Instagram this Halloween, and we do feel that she was successful to make some raise their eyebrows with her bold yet honest action.

The Instagram picture shows Trishala Dutt dressed for Halloween and her lips and chest are painted in such a way that it looks as though she has undergone a plastic surgery. However, the captions were something that drew our attention, and it went like  “This is Candy her plastic surgeon @glambyyaz told her in 8-12 weeks when she’s fully recovered from her lip injections and breast augmentation, she’ll be ready to join & rock Bollywood! She’s super excited!!! – Happy Halloween Follow me on #snapchat (username – trishaladutt) to see how this was created.”  For those who went by her sly undertone do understand what she actually meant by this. However, this picture was quite nice and we appreciate her for thinking ou of the box to bring out a harsh reality of the beauty standards in the industry in a unique way.

Trishala Dutt who is currently residing in the United States has no interest to join Bollywood what so ever, and she is quite happy with her own hair extension company in New York City. Her apparent aversion towards the film industry is quite evident and she had previously even mentioned how she does not want to join Bollywood. We are quite impressed with her creativity and her subtleness with regards to expressing herself and do hope that she does well in the field of work she is interested in.

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