Tried and Tested Checklist to Buy Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

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Tried and Tested Checklist to Buy Super Ideal Cut Diamonds: Jewelry is an immensely popular gift that we use for marking a momentous occasion. It acts as an outward expression regarding what one means to each other. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays are some events that people celebrate with jewelry and diamond is the top favorite. Diamonds are forever, and its most captivating element is its sparkle, and the secret to this sparkle rests in its cutting. The cut does not mean the shape but the symmetry, polish and proportions. Although today there is no dearth in the availability of different shapes of diamonds there is something special about super ideal cut diamonds. Brilliance, fire and dispersion and scintillation are top 3 characteristics of a perfect cut diamond.


Tips to Follow

Diamonds are a considerable investment, so definitely, you do not want to be cheated or face any loss. Below are some tips that will help you to make the best bet,

  • Ensure it has a Certificate- First and foremost, always ensure that the diamond which you purchase has a certificate from a trustworthy lab. Do not fall prey to any deceptive marketing tactic. The grading reports from any reliable laboratory although will not grade or mention optical patters but it will at least give assurance when it comes to the quality of the diamond. The need for a certificate is in assisting customers in verifying the authenticity of the diamond and at the same time offer an accurate description regarding the qualities it has. For best results buy JannPaul super ideal cut diamonds.
  • Inspect the Diamond- No matter what the jeweler states about its diamonds, it is crucial in verifying the details yourself. Always pay attention primarily to the patterning of the heart. Properly formed hearts need facet placements as well as proportioning that are super precise. In fact, any deviation in the alignments of the facet will be visible in the pavilion rather than the table view.
  • Check the Idealscope Data or ASET- In the absence of ideal light performance, an optical symmetry which the stone has is naught. It is no use having a diamond which displays beautiful patterns under the H&A viewer should it appear lifeless and dull when worn. You need some vital light performance data for making any objective selection for the diamond’s critical assessment.

Always remember no two pieces of a diamond will be the same. Ensure to check its clarity, carat weight, color, shape, fluorescence, and setting. If you are on the lookout for diamonds that are truly well-cut having the finest precision and optics always purchase it from a good brand. It is only with a renowned brand you can enjoy the highest standards. With a plethora of diamonds to pick from getting one which will be ideal for you can be overwhelming. Merely follow the above-mentioned tips, and you cannot go wrong. The search for every diamond is unique. Hence you will find this guide quite helpful as a starting point. Choose the best diamond that you can be proud of.

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