Transfer Rumors: Arsenal Might Go for Arda Turan; Ozil Might Go to Turkey

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Transfer Rumors

The transfer season is still a far away from now. But the clubs are already looking for new recruits in order to bolster their squad for the next season which has already started leaking news regarding the transfer of players from one club to the other. There isaquite number of news which might eventually turn out to be ahoax, but as we said with a long time to go before the summer transfer window to open, there is no dearth of speculations.

Mesut Ozil could well on his way to Fenerbahce as a replacement for Van Persie

The first one that has managed to grab the attention of the football fans is the one regarding Arsenal. It is believed that this could well be the final season of Mesut Ozil at the Emirates. With the future of Arsene Wenger still hanging in the middle, it is not yet sure whether the Gunners will be able to keep their team intact. This is particularly because of the fact that reports have already come in from various sources that Ozil will perhaps leave England and set his destination at Turkey. Fenerbahce is evidently looking a replacement for Robin van Persie, and Ozil could well be the person to replace him. So it remains to be seen whether Ozil eventually leaves England or not for there are also chances that he will eventually end up at one of the other English clubs. It could well be Manchester United for the Manchester United transfer rumors have suggested that they are currently keeping an eye on the developments surrounding Ozil at Arsenal.

However, the Arsenal fans should not be disappointed if the club ends up bringing in Arda Turan. Arda has been in sublime form this season for FC Barcelona. And with Alexis Sanchez and Ozil on the verge of leaving the club at the end of the season, Arda Turan could well be the perfect replacement that will make things look good for the Gunners.

Arsenal will be desperate to secure the service of Arda Turan following the imminent departure of Sanchez and Ozil

Other than Arsenal there are also rumors that FC Barcelona is still in thehunt for Real Madrid man Isco. Isco will be out of contract at the end of the 2018 season and Barcelona are keen to get his services secured before that. This is going to be really interesting what happens in this section as Real Madrid will surely be desperate to keep the youngster in the squad while the Catalans will try to lure him away to Nou Camp.

Real Madrid, however, are reportedly back in the hunt for David De Gea. Manchester United are keen to keep the Spanish goalie at Old Trafford, but in the recent past, the Los Blancos have sounded extremely desperate to secure his services. In fact, Jose Mourinho has been reportedly heard to be saying that he is not ready to sell De Gea to Real Madrid if they do not offer players of thehighest caliber in exchange. This is also going to be an interesting development besides the one that will see Barcelona and Real Madrid locking horns for Isco.

Manchester United and Real Madrid are back in the tug of war for David De Gea

For the time being, everything is in a state of speculation. And it remains to be seen how things turn out in the future. It seems that things are already getting exciting. Hence, do not forget to come back to this thread to get all the latest updates from the transfer market.

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