Train To Busan 2: The Filming Gets Cancelled, Confirms Yeon Sang-Ho

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Train To Busan 2

Train to Busan 2:Fans were highly awaited for the sequel of highly acknowledged South Korean zombie horror movie Train to Busan. However, now it seems that the viewers won’t be able to witness the depiction of the breathtaking scenarios of the film yet again. We had earlier reported that the filming of Train to Busan 2 is on its way but now things have taken a different turn. According to a report by iTech Post, Yeon Sang-Ho the director of the zombie horror movie has confirmed that the second instalment of Train to Busan is not going to happen.

The film which gained an innumerable number of positive responses from the fans depicted the plotline of the movie with utmost perfection. And now the fans are extremely disheartened with the cancellation of Train to Busan 2. The portrayal of how the zombie infection spreads in the entire train was highly appreciated by the viewers.

However, the film which also revolves around the lead character Seok Woo (Yoo Gong) left a lot of them with misty eyes during the climax. And the most heart-wrenching scenario was Seok Woo’s demise while fighting with the zombified Yon-Suk. Train to Busan kept the viewers intrigued towards the movie throughout, as the plotline of it could bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios with utmost perfection. Therefore, the filming of Train to Busan 2 was highly anticipated.

Apart from Yoo Gong the South Korean Zombie movie also starred actors such as Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jeong, Dong, seokMa, Woo- sik Choi, Sohee and Eui- sung Kim in the key roles. And each one of them has done utmost justice to the characters played by them.

However, the fans are still dispiritedwith the cancellation news of Train to Busan 2. Nevertheless, the storyline of Train to Busan assured that even the second instalment of the film would have been a treat for the eyes.

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