Train To Busan 2: Lead Actor To Continue In The Sequel?

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Train To Busan 2

The highly-acclaimed South Korean filmTrain To Busan‘ is on its way for a sequel as the popularity gained along with accolades given by billions of viewers around the globe including the critic. The movie also made an official entry in course of foreign film in Cannes Film Festival 2016 where with no less surprises it witnessed a standing ovation. The audiences present were so overwhelmed that Hollywood has given a thought to remake it and that too with Brad Pitt. Well, the remake in Hollywood is still to be finalised, but Train to Busan 2 is definitely hitting the floor.

Filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho confirmed the same regarding the sequel but whether the lead star Gong Yoo will reappear in the sequel, still needs confirmation. However, the South Korean actor was recently in talks with the Director henceforth discussing the upcoming film. Gong Yoo seemed pretty excited making revelations of Train to Busan 2 and the main characters which included him, Ma Dong Seok, among others.

Although the much-appreciated character of Ma Dong Seok which happened to be big, charismatic and full of humour ended his life to save hundreds from the zombie attack. So, if the crew team wish then he might come back in the sequel as a zombie. Also, there is almost a similar case with Gong Yoo, as during the climax he falls off the train and breaks his neck and die. So, reappearing in Train to Busan 2 might be inappropriate. Returning as a zombie would be preferable and acceptable, depends entirely on the plotline.

However, the sequel has been decided, ut there is a lot of work and researchers going on with the script. Director has approached many actors as well as experts regarding the science of virus infections, zombie transformations, and much more. The film is in its initial stage but already has been asked for international distributions by biggies like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and so on, apart from grabbing a chance to remake the film in the English language.

Train to Busan 2 is almost confirmed by the makers and production unit but the characters will be continued or not, especially of lead actor Gong Yoo, is the matter of concern.

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