Top Reasons Why You Should Book Holidays in Portugal: Are you looking for a remarkable destination for your next holiday? Why not consider Portugal? Everyone seems to be heading to Portugal. As a matter of fact, in 2017 alone, the country recorded that more than 12.7 million tourists from foreign countries visited. The number of tourists visiting has increased steadily from 5.7 million in the year 2000 to the current 12.7 million. It is good to note that in the past 17 years, the number of tourists has not declined once but rather increased year after year. Numbers don’t lie. But why does this country attract so many foreigners?

Apart from the obvious factors such as political stability, security, and favorable economic climate, there are more than two dozen reasons why tourists pick Portugal as a destination. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the top reasons why you should consider holidaying in Portugal.

Timeworn charm in Lisbon

If you have Google Portugal, you probably have come across the name Lisbon. This is a sun-kissed city located on the background of the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the cities in Europe that has managed to maintain a Latin fairytale of timeworn traditions and manners. There is no shortage of things to do and see here. You get the chance to ride on the century-old wooden trams as well as iron funiculars that rumble through the city. Wondering through the city and more specifically the Baixa district will give you a chance to witness the bygone heritage. Meet haberdashers, age-old herbalists, and tailors.

From the architecture to the personable residents to the cobble covered streets, people from all over the world flock Lisbon just to witness the varied history and experience the tranquil environment. This is the main and top-rated tourist destination in the entire country.

 Beautiful Porto

Have you heard of the alcoholic drink known as Port? If you want to taste this while in a pretty city, Porto is the place to be. This city is distinguished by its contemporary buzz, medieval heart, and magnificent gold leaf laced churches. This is the second largest city in Portugal and like with all large cities, there is a lot to explore and do here.

Porto is split into two by Douro River. You will notice a faded sophistication in the downtown and renaissance in the suburbs. There is no shortage of restaurants, bars, and cafes here. Most people visit this city mostly to experience the authentic local life of the Portuguese.

The wine

The lovers of fine wine find Portugal to be a magnificent tourist destination. The national drink in Portugal is Port. It is also referred to as Porto. You will find it across the country. It is made in Porto. You will be able to buy this wine from any restaurant or bar. It is also possible to buy the wine in large quantities.

The Harry Potter connection

Do you want to see the library that inspired the Hogwarts Library in the Harry Potter series? You will only be able to do that in Porto. JK Rowling, who taught English back in the ‘90s in Porto, was inspired by the Livraria Lello bookstore’s remarkable design. The design includes decorative bookcases, lavish staircases, and carved wooden ceilings. People visit this bookstore just to take a walk in this majestic design. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Porto.

The custard tarts

Have you tried the custard tarts of late? In Portugal, they are known as pastel de natas. If you are ever in Lisbon, then this is something you must consider tasting. There is no place that cooks the Custard tarts better than the Pasteis de Belem. This is located in Lisbon. Many tourists brave the long queues as they wait to be served this sweet and perfectly crisp tart. Don’t be surprised to find queues that stretch all the way to the pavement. But the wait will be worth it.

Great weather

Portugal is a country where even when visiting during winter, you will still have to carry sunglasses and sun cream. The country nestles on the western side of Europe. Lisbon, the capital, is the sunniest city. The city experiences an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine annually. This beats Athens which experiences 2,771 hours of sunshine annually.


The awe-inspiring scenery of Madeira is what captures the attention of most mature clientele. This is a remarkable island whose sceneries will make you feel like you went back in time before man ruined everything. There are so many botanical wonders here. In addition to that, you will get to enjoy the finest cornucopia of the fine wine and food.

Your money goes further

After the Brexit, travelers were hit by an increase in expenses. The cost of things went up. However, this is not the case in Portugal. Yes the country uses the euro but it is without a doubt the most budget-friendly tourist destination in Europe. You will also be amazed by the many discounts that you will get. Here, you experience the best of Western Europe at the price of Eastern European destinations. The Post Office in the Holiday Money Report stated that Portugal is the 2nd best value destination in Europe. It was only second to Bulgaria.

Holidays to Portugal don’t need to cost you a fortune. In addition to making use of the many discounts being offered such as the Porto Card and Lisbon Card, you can make reservations in the off-peak seasons to save even more. Needless to say, Portugal doesn’t experience extreme weather so it is possible to visit the place at any time of year.

Remarkable sites

Vasco da Gama is a record-breaking structure that is worth visiting Portugal for. This is a bridge that is nothing short of remarkable. It stretches for miles. Its architectural design is what captures the attention of most tourists.

Estadio Municipal de Braga is an amazing stadium that has been carved out of a rock. There is no better place to watch a game of football than in this stadium. ‘O Jogo Ingles’ is a common phrase you will hear here. It means ‘the English game’. The phrase is used to describe football.

The beaches will leave you mesmerized. The exquisite coastline of Portugal and great weather has brought about the best beaches in the world. There are also seaside resorts to meet your dining needs. As a matter of fact, Portugal is the best surfing destination in Europe. This has been made possible by the Atlantic Ocean and its rolling swells. The best thing is that the area is not crowded.


Are you looking for a destination similar to Hawaii but in Europe? The Azores is the answer. It floats 850 miles from the mainland and has some of the best sceneries you will ever see. The island is warm and green. There is so much to do. Most tourists come here for the hikes.

Secret cities

Lisbon and Porto are not the only cities in Portugal. There are so many great towns all over Portugal that you should consider exploring. Have you heard of Sintra, Tavira or Guimaraes? If not, you need to make plans to visit them. The varied histories in these cities will amaze you. Most of these cities remain mostly untarnished by modern civilization.


Portugal is not all about the sceneries and the history. There is also the partying. You will love the country’s love for the night. There is a consistently growing affection for the Afro-house in Portugal. This is a culture being imported from the neighboring content of Africa. The genre is quickly establishing itself in the vibrant clubbing scene in Lisbon.

Fado (translates to fate) is yet another genre you will notice and appreciate in Portugal. Fado is slow, resigned and very melancholic. The music is quite soulful, lyrical and accompanied guitars. The Spanish style guitar, known as the viola in Portuguese, is the signature here. You can listen to this music in any fado houses.

Douro River

Not many tourists know about this amazing river. Most people only fall in love with it after laying eyes on it. It is a remarkable waterway that snakes through bucolic villages, vineyards and the capital city, Porto.

Chapel of Bones

How about a chapel made of bones? You will find this on the interiors of Capela dos Ossos (translates to the Chapel of Bones). This is located in Evora. The chapel has been decorated using human skulls and bones from more than 5,000 corpses. The chapel was built in the 16th century by a Franciscan monk. The use of human bones was done to remind the worshippers that life is temporary.

As you may have noticed, there are so many reasons why you should consider visiting Portugal. Whether you are into art, ancient architecture or the sceneries, you will feel right at home. The only important thing you need to do is to plan sufficiently for the holiday. Research as much as you can about Portugal and your target destinations.


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