Top Reasons to try Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms have rapidly evolved into popular entertainment options. Groups of people are trapped inside rooms and they have to solve puzzles by using provided clues, critical thinking and logic to escape within a period of time.

This fun attraction dates back to computer games that involved players using their surroundings to find a way out of imprisonment. The games were brought to life decades later in physical and actual escape rooms. Being able to experience this type of scene in real life amplifies what goes on in a video game.

Psychological Benefits

Escape rooms are fun and as you try to solve challenges, your adrenaline beings to pump and your creativity is enhanced. You strike a rapport and establish a sense of closeness with the people you work with. Escape rooms go far beyond a fun activity. Along with being an entertaining form of recreation, several other benefits are offered by escape rooms.

Problem Solving

Solving challenging puzzles helps the human brain develop and maintains essential mental functions such as creativity and memory. People often become complacent due to their daily routines and do not have the chance to place themselves in challenging situations that they are not familiar with.

A daily routine can stunt your creativity and diminish your desire for development. Escape rooms require you to adjust your thought process and encourage teamwork that enables people to improve problem-solving skills and revive their creative thinking. Find the best escape room in California here.


Accomplishing tasks successfully results in a chemical reaction within the brain that produces dopamine. This is associated with better mood, memory and concentration. Dopamine is released while learning new things and if you do not regularly stimulate your mind, you risk ending up with a boring daily routine that does not awaken your senses.


Leadership skills, eagerness and trust are vital for any team especially within a business setting. You can bring out the best of your co-workers and identify their roles and skills in a challenging escape room. Some individuals are leaders while others are more comfortable when they play a supportive role.

Similarly, some people can see the big picture while others pay keen attention to fine details. All these factors can be observed in an escape room. You may be able to witness decision-making skills and confidence that have not been apparent in the work environment.


Regardless of how much you enjoy your work, jobs can be overwhelming at times. When motivation and morale diminish, creativity and productivity are compromised. Escape rooms offer sets of tasks that are geared towards the ultimate goal of escape. This is comparable to how a business functions. When people complete tasks, they naturally feel a sense of pride.


An escape room is the ideal environment for team building to boost motivation and encourage people to think critically and creatively. Booking an escape room adventure is a key step towards using team building exercises to refresh creativity in a fun and challenging way to connect colleagues. It fosters team building and meaningful goals along with promoting resourcefulness and focus.

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