Top 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

Human life is full of celebrations and enjoyment. There is always crest and troughs in each relationship. But the bonding helps every couple to overcome those bad days together. Marriage is one of the most precious ceremonies of every man and woman’s life. Each year the anniversary keeps the memory of marriage alive. It makes the tie between the couple stronger. During the early years of your marriage, you are young and energetic. it is worth to plan for something crazy other than the conventional. Here are top 7 most crazy romantic anniversary ideas for couple of all ages.

1. Go Back to where your Love Story Started

Everything first in love is an amazing feeling and an irreplaceable one. This anniversary, try to recreate your first date by taking your love to the place you have first met. Both of you have precious moments at that place. Your connection to that place is very close to your heart. Let’s relive those memories once again. You may spend the whole day at the place your love story kick-started. Or you might plan to visit places you used to spend time when you were a fresh couple. To capture the moments of recreation, take pictures and have a romantic dinner.

2. Plan a Fancy Date out of the CountryTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary

If you are a travel-worm couple, the best anniversary gift is an abroad vacation. This plan needs a little longer planning. You need to research on places perfect for your lover’s choice. Budget is another factor to keep an eye on. If you cannot spare much time, plan for a short trip of two-three days. One little suggestion, do not compromise the quality of the place with money. As it is a special day, you should return with your heart full of exquisite memories/moments.

3. Go for a Romantic Air Balloon RideTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

How about surprising your love with a bouquet of wedding anniversary flower mid-air? Yes, that sounds crazy, but what is life if it is not edgy. Go through the Google to find out hot air balloon festival at different places during that time. Go and book one anniversary ride for you and your love. Besides festivals, normal balloon rides at different places are also available. It is best to choose the rides at the dusk time. Then the ride will engage both of you to be a witness of beautiful sunrise from mid-air.

4. Romantic Decorations in your BedroomTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

For a married couple, the bedroom is the witness to their entire journey. So a decorated-bedroom as the anniversary gift will turn the special day romantic. You can book a hotel room with your desirable decorations. There can be deem lights or aroma therapeutic candle lights. Rose petals on the bed and a bottle of wine will turn the atmosphere of the room into an exotic one. For eroticism, prepare a romantic bath for your Valentine and join him/her.

5. Outdoor Picnic DateTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

If you are a simple couple, they do not like external tantrum. A cheap flower bouquet brings fresher air to their relations than posh diamond ring does. They do not need pile of fancy clothes or wallet full of cash. What brings instant joy to their life is an outdoor picnic with family together. Having homemade food and spring cocktails will work. This will give the simple couple tons of enjoyable memory to cherish forever. Besides, some games will make the spending time cheerful.

6. Relaxing Spa Treatment for CouplesTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

We know both of you lead a very busy and hectic life every day. Work and tension have become the two most important and inseparable part of your life. How about treating each other with some relaxation on the anniversary day? Surprise each other with a joint spa venture on this year anniversary. It will let you spend some relaxing time with each other. Give yourself a little bit of quality time. Enjoy the luxurious spa treatment at one of the most lavish spa center in town.

7. Renew Your VowsTop 7 most Crazy Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couple

Vows are the witness of your eternal tie with your love. Vows make the ceremony of marriage pure and tranquil. If you are a couple, married for longer period of time, this can be a unique way to spend your anniversary. Invite all your close ones to a small anniversary house party. In front of them, relive your marriage moment by taking those same vows with your partner again. This will sweeten your love and strengthen the bonding between you and your partner.

It is never crazy or stupid to do unconventional things in love. As long as your partner loves and enjoys it, being crazy is bliss. Above is the list of craziest thing you can do to make your coming anniversary way more romantic.

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