Top 6 Tips for Successfully Planting Tomatoes in Grow Boxes: Before you plant tomatoes in grow boxes, you need to ensure that your box garden is as healthy as possible. Growing tomatoes in containers successfully will be affected by your preparation and the choices you make before time. Having the right information just before you slip on the garden gloves will ensure that you get started well. Here are some tips to ensure you have the best harvest from your tomato plants.

Plastic mulch sheeting

Tomatoes love the heat and you can use plastic mulch sheeting to warm up the soil before you plant your tomatoes. This is important because the tomatoes will not start growing until both the air temperature and soil remains warm. You can speed up the growing process by covering the planting area using red or black plastic for several weeks before the actual planting day. The extra soil warmth will result in your tomatoes germinating earlier.

Choose tomato varieties suitable for containers

The best tomatoes for growing in grow boxes include dwarf varieties, determinate varieties, bush varieties and short-season varieties. These varieties do not get extremely big like other varieties, they mature faster, and they will finish growing at a specific point in the growing season. It is best to purchase tomato seedlings instead of starting your plants from seeds. This will give your grow box tomatoes a stronger start.

Use the biggest grow boxes possible

When planting tomatoes, it is advisable to use the biggest A Garden Patch tomato planter possible. Your plants will be healthier when they have more space to grow. Tomato plants tend to grow quickly and will need food, sun, and water to guarantee growth. Plants will develop extensive root systems in containers, but their reach is restricted. You can offset the root bound problem by giving your tomato plants adequate room.

Access to a water source

When growing tomatoes in grow boxes, one of the dangers that you will experience is the soil drying out. During heat wave seasons, you will have to water them every day, whether you set the tomato grow boxes near the garden hose or water them conveniently using a watering can or pitcher. Having your grow boxes close to a water source will come in handy, especially when your tomato plants start fruiting because they will become heavy over time.

Choose the best potting mix

Tomato plants grown in containers require well-drained, loose soil that has a lot of organic matter. It is recommended that you use a good potting mix instead of just using garden soil or potting soil. This is because soil harvested directly from the garden can be infested with pests, weed seeds, and fungi. In addition, potting soil can be extremely heavy for the grow boxes.

Pick a sunny spot

Before you plant your tomatoes in grow boxes, you should choose the best location for your containers. Make sure that you get a spot where your plants get adequate light. This is important because tomatoes require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. It is crucial for you to monitor the spot at different intervals to track exposure during the day.

Tomatoes tend to be prone to lots of problems when growing. However, for you to grow great tasting tomatoes, you should pick the best varieties. This way, you will start your plants off right and you can control any problems before they get out of hand. With all of these guidelines in mind, you will be confident of getting healthy, blemish-free, and juicy tomatoes.

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