Top 5 water sports you should try in Virgin Gorda

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Top 5 water sports you should try in Virgin Gorda:The archipelago of British Virgin Islands (BVI) comprises of four main islands –namely, Tortola,Virgin Gorda,Anegada, andJost Van Dyke – along with over 50 other smaller islands andcays. Measuring 8 square miles, Virgin Gorda is the third largest island of the British Virgin IslandsBeing a popular tourist destination, Virgin Gorda offers plenty of choices in accommodation. There are hotels and resorts of varying price ranges which will make your stay comfortable throughout the duration of the trip. You also have the option of residing in one of the vacation homes near a beach in Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda’s pleasant warm tropical temperature and stunning tourist destinations bring visitors throughout the year. The curvy shape of the island, which resembles a reclining woman, earned it the nickname ‘Fat Virgin’ by Christopher Columbus. Virgin Gorda boasts an abundance of natural landscapes, sanctuaries and national parks. The place has something for everyone. History aficionados can spend their time visiting the historical sites and relive the past. Adventure lovers can take a hike to the Gorda Peak for a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands.

The best thing about the island is the vast expanse of water surrounding Virgin Gorda and its clean beaches. You can either take a swim or a stroll along the magnificent Savannah Bay, Mahoe Bay or Devil’s Bay. The beaches also provide you with the opportunity to partake in one or more thrilling water activities. Whether you love diving into the sea or staying on the water’s surface, the island offers plenty of options for you to try out. If you are planning to visit Virgin Gorda for the first time, this article will provide you with a brief description of the various water sports available on the island and where you can try them.

Below we have listed five exciting water sports you should definitely try out during your stay in Virgin Gorda.
⦁ Scuba Diving: The clear turquoise waters of the island provide the ideal condition for exploring the world present under the sea. The pristine water allows the divers to enjoy clear visibility underwater as they take a swim alongside various fishes and other marine organisms.

You get an up-close look at the healthy coral reef and also get to explore underwater caves, tunnels, and remains of shipwrecks. Some of the popular diving sites in Virgin Gorda include the Invisibles (15ft-65ft), the Chikuzen (85ft) and the RMS Rhone (20ft-65ft). While the Invisibles is famous for its coral reef, the Chikuzen is home to a number of sharks and sting rays. A diving adventure in Virgin Gorda is incomplete without taking time out to explore the ruins of the RMS Rhone, lying 15 feet under the water.

⦁ Snorkelling: Snorkelling is another popular coastal exploration activity among the tourists. The shallow waters of the island provide plenty of great snorkelling spots near the island. Located on the west shore of Virgin Gorda, Savannah Bay is the most renowned snorkelling destination in the region.

The government of British Virgin Islands has also established a self-guided snorkelling trail in the bay which leads the snorkelers to the best snorkelling spots and informs them about the fishes, marine plants and corals that can be seen. Another snorkelling site, the Baths, is teeming with tropical fishes and offers the opportunity to examine various underwater rock formations and boulders. Some of the other snorkelling destinations include the Mahoe Bay, the Prickly Pear Island, the Dogs and the Valley Trunk Bay.

 water sports

⦁ Surfing: Virgin Gorda also offers choices in water activities which don’t require you to go underwater. If you’ve never surfed before, there are various surfing schools across the island which will teach you the basics needed to help you ride your first wave. There are a few surf spots on the island but most of the spots are fickle to swell and wind directions. Winter (November to April) is the best time to go surfing in the Virgin Gorda when strong swell shows up from the east. Surfers should keep their eyes open forrocks, coral reef, jellyfish, urchins, and sharks.

⦁ Kiteboarding: Virgin Gorda is a paradise for kiteboarding as some of the best kiteboarding spots can be found on this island. The blue lagoons and the spectacular waves are great for kiteboarding. The Gorda Sound, located on the northern side of Virgin Gorda comprises several lagoons and tiny islands which make it an ideal destination for kiteboarding. You can also hire a private yacht to take you to some of the harder to reach, exotic kiteboarding locations in the islands. Kiteboard alongside sting rays and turtles for a memorable experience.

⦁ Boating and Sailing: A boater’s paradise, the tranquil waters surrounding Virgin Gorda is ideal for a morning boating adventure. You will find plenty boat rentals near the beaches or throughout the island which provide guided boating adventures and take you to the best spots in BVI.

Virgin Gorda is very well-connected by both sea and air. Most tourists arrive on ferries and boats from the neighbouring islands. The warm tropical climate makes Virgin Gorda an attractive tourist destination all-year-round and there is no particular best time as such. However, the peak season is during the winter months as tourists escape to this Caribbean region to escape the chill of the winter. Most of the hotels, restaurants, and beaches are crowded during the winter. If you want to avoid the crowd, you should visit during the summer.
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