Top 5 Signs of A Great Contact Centre Agent

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Finding and retaining talented call centre agents is crucially important for the success of a business. No matter how great your software is, you need the right team to make sure your customers receive a great service. We’ve put together a list of five of the most important qualities.

1. Quick Learner

The most important role of an agent is to give first-class support to your customers when they contact you. To do this, they need the capacity to absorb large amounts of company information and be knowledgeable about your products, services and brand values.

They should quickly get up to speed with frequently asked questions, and if they are not able to fix a problem themselves, they need to know who to pass the query on to.

2. Attention to Detail

The role of a call centre agent can be repetitive and perhaps monotonous, leading to the danger of staff getting complacent and making wrong assumptions about what a customer needs.

This can cause poor customer service and inappropriate responses. The best agents will be attentive, show good attention to detail and always clarify that they have resolved all issues for a customer before finishing a call.

3. Friendly

Customer contact agents are the voice of your company, and it is vitally important that they project a warm, friendly image to impress your customers. They also need to demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile. Fostering the right culture in your organization will help to encourage friendly helpful behavior in your team.

4. Calm Under Pressure

A top-quality call centre agent won’t get flustered easily, even when faced with an angry or frustrated customer. They will keep their cool at all times, do their job under difficult circumstances and always remember how they have been trained to respond when the going gets tough. VoIP can be a useful tool in improving call-handling techniques.

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5. Flexible

Agents must deal with plenty of challenging situations throughout their day and need to be flexible enough to handle everything that comes their way. They usually also need to be willing to be flexible in the hours they work.

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