Top 5 Mobile Apps to Manage your Online Business: It’s amazing how every minute needs in our life in catered by some sort of an app. From scheduling haircut appointments to charting a jet, mobile apps have started to fill in the void of every single human requirement. One great aspect of apps themselves is being an ‘online business’ and there exist many apps that help you run your own business.

E-commerce platforms have provided businesses a gateway to create an online presence of their own. Online businesses have eliminated the hurdles of location boundaries for consumers, making the user experience more dynamic, cost-effective and time-saving. But with so many people relying on e-commerce platforms, it becomes difficult to manage the operations and your community.

Thus, with the existence of such apps that help you operate your online business smoothly, companies can stay updated and manage their online store in real time. Here is our shortlisted list of top 5 apps to your rescue when you are wrapped up in work:

  1. Buffer

Used to schedule posts and updates to multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as, attain insights on your published posts. Mostly, used by social media marketers, Buffer allows you to create content, schedule the right time for each platform and publish it on multiple social media or web platforms.

  1. MailChimp

Despite your location, MailChimp allows you to manage your email lists and schedule email campaigns. Rather than drafting them from scratch through your workplace, top mobile app developers company, helps the user manage their campaigns in one single mobile application. Companies can check their business stats, insights, promotional emails and manage their contact lists seamlessly.

  1. Slack

Slack is a business app used by teams to communicate with each other and share or edit documents. Users can also integrate tools and services such as Dropbox and Google Drive to stay updated with their work. Slack also offers users the ability to customize their notifications and message/call their added members through the app.

  1. Hootsuite

Having similar functionalities like Buffer, Hootsuite, a social media marketing app, helps users manage their social media accounts all at one place. With HootSuite, users can post, schedule and monitor posts and gain insights about their postings from anywhere.

  1. Mention

Mention, a social monitoring tool, is used by companies to manage their online presence. This app helps you to find trending keywords and mentions related to your brand, allowing you to track them. After you have started to monitor your chosen keywords, Mention will notify you if any of those keywords were used online.

To wind it up, these mobile apps provide marketers and strategists an all-in-one platform, removing any tangible obstacle amidst their work. Having these online business management apps with you on-the-go will create significance in your work and make your daily work tasks easier to execute.

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