Top 5 Korean Dramas In 2017 That You Need to Look Out For

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Korean Dramas

Last year the popularity of Korean dramas took a sudden surge. There are many reasons behind the popularity of K-dramas like the cultural appeal, the pretty actors, foul languages are rare, violence is minimal, so on and so forth. Popular mainly among adolescents and folks in their early twenties, Korean dramas are hot on video streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix. With a surge in global audience, Korean entertainment industry is booming right now. Which means we can expect some more great K-dramas in 2017. Here we’ve compiled a list of diverse, globally anticipated top 5 Korean Dramas in 2017.

My Sassy Girl

One of the most anticipated Korean TV show of 2017, My Sassy Girl is based on the 2001 movie “My Sassy Girl,” but set in a historical time period. The hype of this one is real. The movie came out in 2001 and was extremely successful, especially in countries stretching across Southeast Asia. The film has a number of remakes too. Filming for the series began in August 2016.

Korean Dramas

Cast: Joo Won playing Gyun-Woo, Oh Yeon-Seo as Princess Hyemyung, Kwak Hee-Sung as Park Chang-Whi, Lee Jung-Shin as Kang Joon-Young, Shim Hyung asTak, and Jung Da-Bin as Gyun-Hee.

Fun fact: The TV shows is Joo Won’s last acting role prior to his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean military.

Tomorrow With You

The upcoming KDrama is written by Heo Sung-hye (All About My Wife) and directed by Yoo Je-won (Oh My Ghostess, High School King of Savvy). The show is going to be one romantic ride. It revolves around Yoo So-joon, CEO of a real estate company who can travel through time. In future, he finds himself miserable and decides to love his wife dearly upon returning, to avoid the fate. Filming for the show began from September 2016.

Cast: Lee Je-hoon as Yoo So-joon and Shin Min-a as Song Ma-rin. The Supporting casts include, Kang Ki-doong as Kang Ki-doong, Park Ju-hee as Shin Se-young, Baek Hyun-jin as Kim Young-jin, Kim Ye-won as Lee Gun-sok, Oh Gwang-rok as Shin Sung-gyoo, Lee Jung-eun as Cha Boo-sim, Jo Han-chul as Doo-sik, Lee Ah-rin and Kim Seung-hoon.

Fun fact: Actor Lee Min-Ki decline was initially offered the role of the lead male role but he declined because back then he was involved in a media scandal around that time.

Man to Man

Another great KDrama that should be in your top 5 Korean Dramas In 2017 is Man to Man. It revolves around the lives of a popular actor and his bodyguard. The story is refreshing, it portrays a relationship between two men and not just a man and a woman. The filming began on October 17, 2016.

Cast: The list of cast is pretty big on this one. Park Hae-Jin as Kim Sul-Woo, Kim Min-Jung as Cha Do-Ha, Park Sung-Woong as Yeo Woon-Gwang, Yeon Jeong-Hun as Mo Seung-Jae, Chae Jung-An as Song Mi-Eun, Cheon Ho-Jin as Lawmaker Baek, Jang Hyun-Sung as Department Head Jang of NIS, Tae In-Ho as Seo Ki-Chul, Jeong Man-Sik as Lee Dong-Hyun, Lee Si-Un as CEO Ji, Oh Na-Ra as Sharon Kim and Song Joong-Ki in a cameo role.

The Package

Filming for this one takes place in France. Yoon So-So works as a travel guide in France and leads a group of Japanese tourists on a tour. The travellers have their own stories that they soon began to recount. Another fresh take on relationships in Korean Drama where strangers develop deep bonds by sharing their life stories.

Cast: Jung Yong-Hwa as San Ma-Roo, Lee Yeon-Hee as Yoon So-So, Choi Woo-Sik as Kim Gyung-Jae, Yoon Park as the mysterious man, Ryu Seung-Soo as Jung Yeon-Sung, Ha Shi-Eun as Han So-Ran, Jeong Gyu-Su as Oh Gab-Soo, Lee Ji-Hyeon as Han Book-Ja, and Park Yoo-Na as Na Hyun.

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2

Also called My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2, it’s a sequel to the hit 2016 South Korean television series. According to Drama Beans, Park Shin-yang is returning to reprise his lead role as star prosecutor. The success of the first season made sure that it plans among the top 5 Korean Dramas in 2017. In the first season, Park played star prosecutor with a bright future. After witnessing intolerable corruption, he becomes a whistle-blower and goes on to rebuilds his life as a lawyer at a small neighbourhood. He becomes a man commited to justice and protecting the innocent.

Cast: As of now the only cast to make a return is Park Shin Yang as Jo Deul Ho. We are hoping announcement for the return of the rest of the cast, and new cast will be made soon.

Wrap Up:

K-dramas are refreshing to watch. They are different from the programming we are used to. If you are new to Korena Dramas, then we’d suggest to try out a couple of shows based on genre. Besides these top 5 Korean Dramas in 2017, tell us what Korean drama are you looking forward to?

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