Top 5 Emerging Fashion Trends for Men in India

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emerging fashion trends for men in India

As we have entered the first month of 2021, it’s about time you set some serious fashion trends for the men in India. You see, winters were always about fun, laughter, and endless soirees. But, unlike women, men’s fashion tends to take a backseat during this season. They somehow convince themselves to go back to the 90’s winter style.

They invest more in staying warm rather than staying fashionable. It is high time men awake their fashion senses and shop for some trendy winter wear. After all, with extended lockdowns and hectic WFMs, you guys deserve better when it comes to winter fashion right. All men need is a wardrobe makeover from the revolutionary brand Sporto Flexiwear.

It is the only brand that has transformed the men’s fashion dynamics in India. They roll out the best fashionable and comfortable menswear. So what are the fashion trends that Gen Z should eye on this season? Keep reading on as we outline the top 5 emerging fashion trends for men in India.

  1. Hoodie Jacket

Hoodies have become a rage among young Indian men lately. They look smart, trendy, and stylish at the same time. Be it a bike ride, outing with your squad, a college event, or a regular office day, a trendy Hoodie Jacket from Sporto Flexiwear has your back.

As far as the colours are concerned, please leave the flashy Govinda style neon colours for summers. Men’s fashion experts recommend picking darker shades like black, blue, grey, teal, and so on to create a lit style.

Styling Tips – Pick a smart pair of slim fit track pants to ace the winter look.


  1. T-Shirt


Do you have a T-shirt story to share? Well, every man has one. You see, several fashion trends come and go, but the one that is still ruling the men’s fashion arena is a stylish t-shirt. It is a very humble garment that adds class and style to whatever you are wearing.

Surprisingly, t-shirts can also make an excellent winter garment, provided you ditch your body-hugging ones and go for full-sleeve ones. Solids, printed, self-design, stripes, Marvel, Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers, you name, and Sporto has it for you.

Styling Tips – Style these happening T-shirts with equally stylish and comfortable joggers from Sporto Flexiwear and turn heads wherever you go.


  1. Sweatshirts


A sweatshirt is one of the most versatile garments men can ever have. The best part is that Sporto sweatshirts for men gel excellently well jeans, khakis, or a casual pair of track pants. Coming to the style, do you know that stripes are one of the most popular universal prints in the world?

However, we rarely get to see them with men. But 2020’s men’s fashion trends have changed this dynamic. Walk along with this trend, pick the best sweatshirts for men from Sporto this year and show everyone who the real boss is.

Styling Tips – You can pair it with black jeans or a Sporto jogger pant to create a trendy look.


  1. Jackets


There is something classy about men who wear jackets. No one can beat the style and look that a biker jacket or a bomber jacket creates. Bet! Moreover, you can wear them anywhere with anything and still look uber cool.

It allows you to enjoy a warm and cozy evening with your friends. The attractive details on zips and pockets are the highlight of this garment.

Styling Tips – Pair your jackets with a vibrant Marvel T-shirt from Sporto and your favourite jeans and ace the fashion game.


  1. Track Pants

Track Pants

If you do not have cool Sporto track pants, you are missing out a lot on your fashion front. Track pants offer superb ventilation and excellent comfort during winters. It is the only garment that allows you to be yourself wherever you go.

Coming to the designs, Sporto Flexiwear offers you a versatile range like Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Avengers. TBH, the classic and minimalistic designing style like multiple sidelines, side piping make this garment even more desirable.

Styling Tips – Pull a stylish black track pant with a Sporto Flexiwear biker jacket and put on the swagger mode.


These are the top 5 fashion trends for men in India for 2020-2021. Experts believe that men have a lot to explore and experiment with when it comes to fashion and trends. Men also need to understand that quality matters more than quantity.

Without much ado, check out the winter collection of Sporto Flexiwear, pick the best pieces, and set your vibe. They have the trendiest and best in class stuff specifically designed to cater to modern men’s needs.

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