Top 5 Criteria to Pay Attention to While Choosing a Professional Writing Service

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Waiting for inspiration, we delay our essays till the last minute. Unfortunately, it does not help us actually to write them. In the best-case scenario, we compose a paper of an average quality that does not bring us a high grade in the end. Searching for ways to escape sleepless nights and get an excellent paper at the same time, we look for high-quality Custom writing services on the web. It looks like plenty of websites are ready to supply us with the best essay for a reasonable price. But how can you entrust your academic success to a random website?

We do not suggest that you should buy an essay or a research paper based on a website’s rating or customers’ responses (both of which can be fabricated). Here are a few ways that will help you find a professional and trustworthy academic writing service among a bunch of essay mills.

Search for your necessary subject

First thing, pay attention to whether the service offers your type of paper in the discipline you need. It will not be a problem if you search for an essay in English 101, but if your paper is more complex, many websites may not be able to do it. Look through the list of disciplines and types available. Also check the styles freelance writers offer, as it has to correspond to the requirements of your college.

Actually, this first point does not say much about the quality of service or proficiency of its writers. Still, the range of disciplines determines whether you need this custom writing service or you should keep searching for another one. If you require a complex paper, like a thesis or dissertation, you can look for websites that specialize in them.

While Choosing a Professional Writing Service

Check the experience

The credibility of any company can be measured by the years of its presence in the market. If you are searching for top-quality paper writing, it would be wise not to trust novice websites. You should look for people who have earned a good reputation in the academic writing industry. A service that has been running for 10 years has much more chances to offer you a quality paper as well as bonuses, discounts, revisions, etc.

The correlation with the “age” of the service is a clear marker of its credibility. In the current market conditions, businesses that do not get enough customers vanish fast. The competition in the custom writing market is as huge as in any other area. Large and stable companies can offer better employment, therefore, the most skilled writers go there. Academic services that keep functioning for years also take a good care of the qualification of their staff, which directly results in the quality of the papers.

Look for guarantees

When you have found a service with a long history, it’s time to look at what they offer besides academic papers. Pay attention to guarantees concerning quality, confidentiality, and authenticity of the work. A professional academic writing company should provide a secure connection for payment and a money-back guarantee. Even if you make a payment before your paper comes, you have to feel secure about your money. You also should get compensation in case a paper comes late or the quality turns out to be not good enough.

Besides technical security concerns, you have to pay attention to the authenticity of your paper. A proficient writing service should check your paper with anti-plagiarism software to exclude coincidences that could ruin your grade and undermine your academic reputation. Check whether the service you choose provides these basic safety guarantees for your paper.

While Choosing a Professional Writing Service

Ask to provide you with essay samples

Samples of previous works are the best guarantee of quality. Some Academic writing companies provide their customers with such samples on request. Ask customer support whether they can give random excerpts from writers’ works. From these samples, you can see whether the paper is logically structured, contains relevant information, and has no grammatical mistakes. A proficient academic writing service is always ready to prove their good reputation.

Inquire about the communication with the writer

Here is the last but very important point on our list. A professional writing service always connects the customer and the writer. No effective communication can happen if you cannot access your writer and ask about his or her progress. For this reason, successful custom writing services make sure the customer can reach the writer directly. Ask your writing service how they implement interaction to be absolutely safe about the future of your academic paper.

These were the 5 criteria a perfect custom academic writing service should possess. If you look closely at companies on the web, you can find the services that have all the 5 necessary qualities. AdvancedWriters is one of them. This service offers original papers written from scratch, checked with anti-plagiarism software, and agreed upon with the customer. The company started in 2008, and it provides all the guarantees mentioned in this article. AdvancedWriters ensures communication with your assigned writer through a personal order page and can provide samples of your writer’s works on request. Therefore, you can get not only an excellent paper but a customer-friendly service as well.

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