Top 5 Best Water Filters Review

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The water that reaches our homes passes through treatment plants that make it suitable for human consumption, but it is also true that, depending on the area where you live, the water may contain impurities that affect its flavor. Therefore, many people buy bottled water, which in the medium term affects the economy of users.

Therefore, filters are very useful to purify water at low cost and, before purchasing a purifier, you should know several important aspects that we explain below in this summary guide to buy the best water filter available today. Purchasing a water purifier for the home is a smart investment for the good health of the family.

Water Filter
Water Filter

Currently, the water purification industry has developed different types of filters so, before choosing one, it is recommended that you inform yourself as much as possible with friends and family who have acquired a purification system, know their experiences , make comparisons of water filters to identify which is the best, the most economical and the one that suits your needs.

Choosing the size of best Purewaterfy is related to your budget, the space available and the need for drinking water that exists in your home. In any case, look at these benefits of having a purifier and observe the best water filter mention.

MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris

The consumption of drinking water is essential to be able to enjoy good health; however, not everyone can access the vital liquid. In some countries it can be almost impossible while in others there is a service that provides it, it is also not expensive.

In addition, there are places that purify tap water, but it is not to everyone’s taste. If this is your case and you want to enjoy a much purer drinking tap water, acquiring a filter like MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris could be the solution.

MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris
MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris

This model consists of a jug equipped with interchangeable filters. Each of the filters can be used for two consecutive months without problem and six of these are included.

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Since these water filters are usually used for the consumption of the whole family, it is very important that you consider the capacity of the jug. In this way, discomforts are avoided or having to refill the jar too often.

Aqua gear Water Filter

Users show great satisfaction with this product, which although it does not fit in the refrigerator door, is ideal for large families.

Aqua gear Water Filter
Aqua gear

Also with the filtered water you can cook your vegetables, make soups and creams without worrying about the calcium residues in your appliances since the Aqua gear Water filter in this jug completely absorbs the heavy metals present in the water such as copper or lead, as well as the elimination of impurities that alter the smell and taste of the precious liquid.

Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System

If you were wondering the best drinking water filter, the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System seems to be a great.

Users recommend it because of its great capacity since it avoids the constant reloads common in jugs with less content; in addition it has a tap-type dispenser that facilitates even more the consumption of the liquid.

Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System
Aquasana Powered

Although it is large, it can be stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature, ideal for preparing coffee, tea or meals with drinking water.

Brita 42556 Grand Water filters

It fits in the door of the refrigerator and its filling system is very simple, you just lift the top cover and refills. It has an excellent cost for it qualifies as the best water filter of quality price ratio, because the quality and taste of the liquid is unbeatable.

Brita 42556 Grand Water filters
Brita 42556 Grand

It is useful for preparing hot drinks and cooking vegetables or food while maintaining their juiciness.


The main feature of the prozone alkaline water filter is to ionize the tap’s regular water to give it alkaline properties, which translates into benefits for consumers, since alkaline water functions as a natural antioxidant that regulates the levels of acidity in the body.

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