Top 5 Best-Designed iOS Apps Of 2018 You Should Try

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iOS Apps

Top 5 Best-Designed iOS Apps Of 2018 You Should Try: The one problem with iOS users is that they never have enough apps to use and they believe that Android users are given the opportunity to explore more apps that they can download on their phone. The truth, however, is there a lot of apps that can be downloaded on Android and can also be downloaded on iOS and infact,there are some apps that are exclusively for iOS that work a lot better and have more interesting functionality. If you are looking for some of the best apps that you can use on your iOS device then here are five that you should download today.



If you are a workaholic and you like to keep notes of everything that you have done or you need to do and how you plan on doing it, it is always recommended to have an app. Agenda not only enables you to keep note of your progress and also evaluates your project but it also helps to keep reminding you of what needs to be done before you reach the deadline. This is auser-friendly and interesting appthat you should definitely download.



If you love creating music and you always wondered how you can somehow incorporate thatonyour phone then it’s time for you to get GarageBand. This interesting app enables you to create music and podcasts on your phone using simple methods that help you to get it done a lot faster. You can get the official app here

iTranslate Converse

There is a lot of globalization happening and this means that you usually have to interact with people that do not belong to the same country as you. While English is a common language, there are times you will come across people who don’t speak English at all and it might be extremely difficult for you to converse with them because translating what they said on a separate web page and then getting back to them could take a lot of time.

This app is really interesting because it helps you to voice translate whatever you say in 238 different languages depending on the language that you need to use. All you need to do is speak through the phone mike and the app will automatically detect and translate the language to the language that you have selected. It works really fast and it’s extremely beneficial in case you need to constantly make voice calls to people who don’t understand the language that you speak.



An iPhone usually has an amazing camera but if you like to experiment with the photographs that you click and you like adjusting certain angles of the picture then this is an app that you should download. It’s a free app and you can get it on the app store so there’s not going to be too much hassle in downloading it and uninstalling it in case you have no interest in using it later on. If you enjoy photography there are a ton of tricks that you will manage to get hold of using the app. It’s very interesting and people will constantly question you about your photography skills with this app.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is an award-winning iOS app that you must have on your smartphone if you are a photography enthusiast. This is an interesting app that has some unique features no other app offers. You can download the app for free from your App Store and you can explore some interesting features that you unlock as soon as you get the app. While most apps only help to enhance your photographs and make them look better, this app does a lot more. It helps you unleash your creativity and do things you never thought possible with a phone camera. It is an extremely easy to usean appand is perfect for people who want to train to become photographers one day.

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