Top #4 Gurus in Global Strategy and Leadership

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Top 4 Gurus in Global Strategy and Leadership: While it may seem like making effective plans and implementing them Leadership strategically are easy, it’s easy said than done. There are people who are experts in these, just like any other skill. And the world is after such talented people to take help from them in growing their organizations and learning the best strategies and practices from them.

Ram Charan: He is a globally renowned person in the world who excel at being an author, speaker, and to top it all- an excellent guru on professional business strategy. He has worked for over 35 years with world’s leading organizations and their bosses. Some of the names of such companies that he has worked with are- Max Group, GE, Aditya Birla Group, DuPont, Bank of America, 3M, Novartis, EMC, Verizon, and Tata Group. He has been chosen as a National Academy of Human Resources- Eminent Fellow, been conferred with the Northwestern- Best Educator Grant, and found a place in BusinessWeek as one of the ten assets. He has written over 15 books.

Vijay Govindarajan: He is a widely known leader in global strategy and leadership. He helps the Fortune 500 companies to expand their success span and the top CEOs in increasing their capabilities to motivate others and successfully lead the organizations. After completing his chartered accountancy form the nation of his origin, India, he went on to become a Harvard Doctorate and MBA.

He was named as one of the top 20 researchers in strategy and the best management thinkers by Thinkers 50. Apart from all these pioneering activities, he is a fellow of Harvard B School and a distinguished professor at Tuck B School.


Don Tapscott: Listed as the 4th most powerful speaker on management alive by Thinkers 50, Don Tapscott’s professional business strategy knows no bounds. He has written and co-written over 15 excellent books. Not limited to this, he is an innovation expert, Microwikinomics author, and Trent University’s Chancellor. He is an impetus when it comes to innovation, advancement, and media. Don has been awarded the business award for effective solutions. He founded TEDGlobal in Edinburgh. A very famous speech known with the name of Four Principles for the Open World. He is also an Order of Canada member.

Michael Coden: Michael is the cybersecurity expert as well as the Associate Director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) interdisciplinary cybersecurity consortium. He believes in metrics when it comes to cybersecurity factors like costs and advantages. His work has been published and acknowledged widely across the globe.
Additionally, he has 16 licenses in a wide spectrum of knowledge-based paradigms like security system innovations, fiber optic gadget configuration, and secure information conventions. Talking of his education, he has an MBA from Columbia University and is also a proud CISSP.

You can follow these people on networking profiles or read the books authored by them to learn global strategy and leadership. There are top-notch institutes offering valuable programs in professional business strategy as well.

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